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Podcast on Vitiligo with Recouleur Vitiligo Vitamin Creator Audrey VanStockum

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Prospect Heights, IL, August 31, 2021 — Today, Supernatural Health, Inc., a Chicago-based company, announced its founder Audrey VanStockum and Recouleur® Vitiligo Vitamin creator will be the featured guest on Vitfriends podcast. Vitfriends is a patient advocacy group that encourages people with vitiligo – the skin condition that produces bright white patches on the skin.

The podcast entitled “The Journey with Vitiligo with Audrey VanStockum,” will air August 31, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. CST and can be heard live as well as recorded after the show on Blog Talk Radio.

The interviewer is Valarie Molyneaux who has vitiligo herself and founded Vitfriends. VanStockum commented, “There is a need for information to be shared with people who have vitiligo.” VanStockum has had vitiligo over 20 years and has tried a host of vitiligo treatments.

Recouleur® is the flagship brand of a line of products developed by best-selling author and vitiligo sufferer Audrey VanStockum. The brand is inspired by the desire of VanStockum to offer fellow sufferers of vitiligo, white spots, white patches, leukoderma, and leukoderma, natural and healthy treatment alternatives.

In addition to bringing vitiligo treatment products to market, Ms. VanStockum continues to write books, articles, and frequently speaks at vitiligo conferences. Her articles have been published by the American Vitiligo Research Foundation, the National Vitiligo Foundation, and the Vitiligo Society of the United Kingdom. Currently, her two books The Use of Vitamin Therapy for the Treatment of Vitiligo and Vitiligo Vitamin and Nutritional Therapy ebook have been well received among vitiligo patients seeking a natural approach or wanting to complement a doctor prescribed vitiligo treatment.

Available from Recouleur.

For more information, email or visit their website.

Recouleur® is the flagship brand of Supernatural Health, Inc. – a Chicago-based company originally founded in 2003 by Audrey VanStockum for the purpose of delivering safe nutritional solutions for the treatment of vitiligo, the best vitamins for vitiligo, skin pigment loss, and gray hair.

Nancy Rothburn
Supernatural Health, Inc.
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