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It won’t be exaggerating to say that the world of T20 cricket has never seen such a unique kind of tournament like the Indian Premier League. From its very beginning, India has been hosting every single match of IPL with complete seriousness and dedication. IPL can be considered as one of a kind that influences a huge number of individuals and cricket fans to engage with it through IPL fantasy cricket.

The Biggest T20 Event:

IPL picks the best international players from every country that plays cricket, making the tournament richer and attractive to the audience. And after combining with IPL, fantasy cricket has reached the top string of popularity; the number of users is rapidly increasing. It can be said that IPL fantasy cricket is the most awaited fantasy sport where participants can play, earn points and win cash prizes.

How can you Play without the Players?

You can’t even think or imagine of playing IPL fantasy cricket without players, it is certainly not possible. On the other hand, players are the most important and effective element to win matches and eventually the entire league. It is your players who play the real matches and according to their performance, you get points that make the process of player selection very crucial.

Create your Team:

As a user, you will get 100 credits to create your IPL fantasy 11 team, consisting of at least 1 wicket-keeper, at least 3 and a maximum of 5 batsmen, maximum 3 all-rounder and 5 bowlers, at least one uncapped player. Remember you are allowed to pick a maximum 4 overseas players.

Your batsmen will get 0.5 points per run, 1 point per six, 4 points for a half-century and 8 points for a full century. Bowlers get 10 points per wicket taken and 4 points per maiden over. Fielders get 4 points per catch and run-out and 6 points per stumping.

• Domestic players:

India is full of talents and IPL digs out the surface in order to fetch the real talented cricketers from different regions of India. As a participant, you must do an in-depth research about the domestic players whom you can use as wild cards when needed.

• Investigate the form of players:

If you want your team to earn good points for you, then you must consider about investigating the past as well as the recent form of those players whom you want to include in your virtual IPL team. It will be a good idea to select the players who are in good form.

• Captain and vice-captain:

It is very important to have the right players as captain and vice-captain in your fantasy squad because they will help you to accumulate more points than a usual member. Usually, a captain is entitled to get double points than other players in the team and the vice-captain is entitled to get 1.5 times points compared to other players.

IPL Fantasy Cricket Tips:

You can make a clever move by making an all-rounder the captain or vice-captain of your virtual IPL squad who can yield more points for you.

• Stay up to date:
You need to be aware of all the possible changes that the teams make before every match. Choosing a player without proper information whether he is going to be featured in the eleven or not, is probably not a good idea and it can cost you as well.

• What about the pitch:

When we are talking about cricket, we certainly can’t deny the importance of the pitch which can decide the result of a particular match. You need to create your virtual fantasy IPL team in such a manner that it suits the condition and texture of the pitch and perform good enough to earn points.


Be confident about self instinct, you may witness some miscalculation at first but do not hesitate to try some other tactics. You must always keep yourself up to date regarding all the small details of IPL because that is going to help you play its virtual counterpart.

FanFight is Awesome:

Have you not already heard about FanFight? Then you must take some initiative to know about it, as it is one of the important names in the world of fantasy sports. FanFight is the only platform that made fantasy sports very easy to engage with and influences different kinds of people to play their favorite sports.

Some of the most important features that make FanFight very much convenient to play and explore different fantasy sports such as cricket, football and Kabaddi are daily cash prizes, fast withdrawal process and connecting with friends.
In order to join a cash contest at first, pick a fixture from FanFight’s game center, you will find a list of various contests, select according to your preference; create your fantasy team and play.

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