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Placement of Meruprushtha Shree Yantra

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Shreeyantra the most powerful of all yantras is depicted here in a three dimension form or Meruprushtha .This divine yantra is shaped out of beautiful alloy of metals. The Yantra provides holistic development of people in their physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The yantra bestows prosperity and brings in harmony and peace in the households it dwells.
Shri Yantra is the symbolic representation of mysterious mountain known as Mahameru, which is considered as the center of the entire Universe and guarded by eight mountains. Meaning of Shree is ‘wealth; and Yantra is ‘instrument’ so Shree Yantra is the instrument of wealth. Shri yantra is one of the most powerful yantra that fulfills the worldly need of wealth and prosperity by using the cosmic power and mental strength.

Sri Yantra has that unexplained power to fulfill all our wishes and change our life for the better. Shree Yantra is definitely the answer to all the problems and negativity in our life. Any Person using Shree (shri) Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace and harmony. Shree Yantra helps in breaking all the Obstacles in our life.

Shri Yantra is the symbolic form of all Gods and Goddesses. Shree yantra was possessed by Brahma, the creator of the Universe and praised by Vishnu the lord of the Earth. Shree yantra is connected deeply with the Ancient Art of Vaastu and has been specifically mentioned in the ‘Vaastu Shastra’. All constructions based on Vaastu must essentially have Shree Yantra in it. The Vedas explain Shree Yantra as a scientific, cosmic and planetary energy zone.

Benefits of Brass Shree Yantra
– Place Meruprushtha Shree Yantra in your home to attracts wealth and riches in your life from every corner.
– Use Shree Yantra it Creates a positive environment around you.
– Place it near to you Keeps away all sort of negative energies from you to protect you from its effect.
– Deflects the harmful intensions of your enemy away from you
– Place Meruprushtha Shree Yantra in office or home and get Fame and success is observed in the life.
– By the use of this yantra Keeps you in your best health possible.

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