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In case you are looking for best the eye care centre or hospital in Delhi, stick your choice with Atul Kumar Institute of Ophthalmology. It is one of the prestigious eye hospitals that cater to the specific eye care needs of its patients. Rated high on quality on the grounds of success rate, patient care, pricing and specialized treatments, this hospital is the first one to provide 3-D micro incision vitreo-retinal surgery.

Type of Tests Within an Eye Checkup

For your eye appointment, always ensure to carry along your glasses, contact lenses and prescription. The eye checkup might involve adding some eye drops into your pupils to dilate the vision. Communication is the key to ensure that the whole process accounts to best eye checkup in Delhi.

The steps of undergoing an eye checkup are outlined below:

As a primary step, eye doctor or an office staff member will consult and confirm about medical and vision history. This exam might take half an hour to an hour, as per the equipment used. The entire checkup will assess the health of vision under the complete eye checkup. At Atul Kumar Institute of Ophthalmology, expect to undergo the following types of eye checkup:

a.) Eye muscle movement test: This test aims to check the alignment of your eyes. The doctor will evaluate its health and movement as the eye moves in different directions.
b.) Cover test: This test aims at checking as to how well eyes work together in coordination. This will involve covering and uncovering each eye to observe how much an eye moves.
c.) External exam and pupil movements: This test aims at assessing how pupils adjust to light and objects, which are close to it.

Refraction testing: This will involve the use of a computerized refractor, which will involve its fine-tuning by flipping the phoropter back and forth within the lenses and confirm which one works better.