Parallel import by AVTODOM Altufievo: Land Rover and Jaguar cars are in stock

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Defender, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Discovery are among the models that are on display at the dealership. Customers of Jaguar Land Rover AVTODOM Altufievo can purchase the cars they like right now.

The range of the dealer center was replenished with new models of Land Rover and Jaguar thanks to parallel imports. The share of cars imported into Russia in this way increased from 3% to 20% from January to July 2022. Parallel import allows regulating supply and demand and largely solves the issue of car availability.

However, buying a car from abroad can cause serious risks, such as problems with documents or improper technical condition of the car. It is important to contact official dealerships to avoid this. New cars with a transparent history are available at Jaguar Land Rover AVTODOM Altufievo. In addition, each car has an EPTS and undergoes pre-sale preparation.

Special insurance products covering expenses in the event of a warranty event are available to Jaguar Land Rover AVTODOM Altufievo clients. The cost of new Land Rover models on the website is indicated including VAT Customers can purchase new Land Rover and Jaguar models on credit, leasing, by cash or by bank transfer. Specialists from Jaguar Land Rover AVTODOM Altufievo will bring any car to order if a suitable model is not available.

“It is important to be able to quickly respond to changing conditions. We are constantly improving our service so that our customer service meets a high level. Parallel imports made it possible to arrange deliveries of new cars. We will bring any car under the customer’s order, if the desired car is not available. We expect a stable supply to parallel import cars in the near future. This will allow us to fully satisfy customer demand”, – Ruslan Uldanov, brand director of Jaguar Land Rover AVTODOM Altufievo commented.

The Jaguar Land Rover dealership AVTODOM Altufievo in Moscow sales cars, provides car maintenance, insurance, and leasing services from partner companies and banks.