Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services in Kolkata Takes Safety Measures while Shifting Patients

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Thursday, December 7, 2023: While relocating patients from one place to the other it is necessary to maintain the level of safety and comfort to ensure the relocation mission doesn’t seem troublesome or complicated to the patients at any step of the procedure. By selecting Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance which offers Air and Train Ambulance Services in Kolkata you will rest assured that the health and well-being of your ailing loved one will be kept in sound condition till the time the journey concludes. We operate with a global network of medically outfitted aircraft carriers that are designed to keep in mind the urgent requirements of the patients and ensure the process of transportation is delivered without risking their lives at any step.

We have the best in-line medical equipment installed inside the air ambulance that allows patients to travel without any discomfort or difficulties caused during the evacuation mission. With our decade-long experience in composing non-troublesome air medical transportation missions, we have always appeared as the best support system for patients and never missed a chance to help them out in times of emergency. With our years of dedicated service we at Air and Train Ambulance from Kolkata have never failed to arrange the best air medical transportation mission for the patients and have appeared with excellent service whenever possible.

Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services in Guwahati has the Best Ambulance Coordinators

For arranging risk-free and safe air and train ambulance transfers our team of experts at Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services in Guwahati effectively plan everything and make sure the entire journey is composed with effortlessness. We synchronize the air with train transportation while keeping the family of the patient well informed for a seamless medical care continuum and never cause any breach at the time of relocating patients to and from the opted destination.

Once our team at Air and Train Ambulance in Guwahati was shifting a patient with a critical gut infection and he needed complete medical attention all along the journey to be in a stable state of being. For that, we had a trained medical staff including doctors, nurses, and a few paramedics to offer care and medical attention to the patients and manage the entire trip without intending to be a troublesome means of medical transport. Our effortlessness ended up shifting patients without causing any fatalities on the way!