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Organize your Business the Standard Operating Procedure Way

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Why Sop

The efficiency of any business depends upon the way it organizes itself. A standard operating procedure(SOP) is the best way to organize your business. Designing an SOP will address critical questions like WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHEN of any activity in the business which will ultimately provide order to the chaos normally felt in any business activity.

SOPs help in developing sync between web stores, physical stores, mobile apps, logistics, customer retention, and vendor fulfillment. SOPs are a set of instructions which are documented and implemented in various functions like organizational structure, departmental structure, defining process owners and their KPIs and reporting structures which help in a more streamlined functioning of the organization.

Supply chain efficiency

Designing an optimal supply chain SOP includes designing a robust supply chain planning system consisting of functions like Sourcing & Procurement, Inventory Optimization, Warehouse Management, Logistics Distribution & Transportation and Supply Chain Integration system

Inventory control

A properly designed SOP will help you in achieving great Inventory turnover ratio which is crucial for the success of any business. Using analytical tools, you can keep the inventory levels below the prescribed values and design procedures which help in working on the positive as well as negative ratios.

Merchandising strategy

A good SOP for merchandising includes functions such as merchandise planning, space planning, analytics, pricing and promotions, and item management.

Multi-channel Facilitation

An SOP designed keeping in mind the multi-channel approach helps in facilitating an efficient synchronization between various channels and allows for the smooth functioning of the business.

People management

An HR SOP will keep your employees well informed about their profile, KPI, reporting structures, appraisal parameters, hierarchy, the culture of the organization and their road map to growth thereby empowering people to participate in the growth of the organization.

There are experts like YRC (your retail consultant) who can help you in designing as well as implementing a proper SOP for each business function described above.

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