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Optimize Your Marketing Campaign With Results-Backed Local SEO Strategies

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If you want to improve Google ranking and online presence then working with a marketing expert is crucial. That’s where this leading specialist can help with their in-depth local SEO guide. The agency is known as a leader in the field, with years of experience offering results-backed marketing solutions for businesses like yours. Wiideman Consulting Group has launched a new local SEO strategy checklist and guide to help businesses in any niche improve their Google ranking. It details the fundamental elements of a strong SEO strategy, and covers important details for clients to achieve their growth goals.

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The newly launched strategy and checklist explains that an inclusive SEO strategy should feature ongoing business data management, and growth in local landing page optimization, business citations and online reputation. Each of the solutions and features covered in the guide helps to improve keyword visibility in Google and Google Maps. You can use the new guide to improve your own SEO strategy, engage new clients, and generate more sales.

The first element covered in the guide is local SEO and the impact it can have. This is defined as placement and rank within blended results for a query containing geography. This can include both paid-for and organic results. The guide reveals that to maximize exposure in local search results, businesses will need to ensure placement in Paid Ads, Map Packs, and Organic Results categories. This requires a well thought out content strategy, business listing plan and reviews initiative.

For businesses looking to improve their Google ranking across these fields, their campaigns should begin with business data management. From there the focus moves to local landing page optimization, with a focus on structured data, prominence of service type and location in key areas, and unique content.

Other important elements covered in the guide include business citations and online reputation. By following the guide, businesses stand much greater chance of ensuring success with their marketing campaigns.

The company states: “An inclusive local SEO strategy includes ongoing business data management, and growth in local landing page optimization, business citations, and online reputation. Combined, these factors improve keyword visibility in Google and Google Maps.”

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