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Old St. Mary’s Church is One of the Most Historic of Detroit’s Churches

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There are several beautiful and historic churches in Detroit. One of the fantastic things about our city is its diverse and exciting spiritual life. At Old St. Mary’s Church, we are proud to be one of the most historic churches in the city of Detroit. Our church is located in Greektown and was opened in the 1880s. Not only is the church a beautiful example of Roman Catholic architecture, but we work hard to make the church a cultural center for the city as a whole.

The interior of Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church is grand and incredibly impressive. Our church has beautiful mural work on the ceiling, as well as magnificent stained-glass windows around the altar. We feel that our church is architecturally an excellent example of a combination of American materials and mentality and Roman Catholic symbolism.

Musically Combining the Old and the New

While our church’s architecture is an example of historic style and symbolism, we strive to create a religious and spiritual life within our community that is open and forward-thinking. One thing that is unique with our church is that we frequently use it as a venue for musical performances, which are both secular and ecclesiastical. We feel that our church is a beautiful venue for musical performances in general, as well as serving as a powerful backdrop with excellent acoustics.

Our church has a number of vocal groups, and these groups perform at various concerts and services throughout the year. We have a male choral group, the Men’s Schola, which specializes in performing Gregorian Chant at our Latin Masses and other services. Our larger choirs perform at festivals and sometimes have musical accompaniment from other musicians.

We actually have openings at the moment in our choirs. If you would be interested in singing with one of our groups, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can discuss your musical background and experience and figure out whether you would be a good match for our choir and vice versa.

We Welcome Everyone!

If you are interested in our church, you would be more than welcome to visit for a tour or service. Someone from our community can give you a tour and explain the history of the church, and you can have the opportunity to participate in a service if you would like. For more information, please visit our website at

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