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Nippon Paint recently launched Car Care Products Like Sparkle DIY Products

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During a time like this when cleanliness is of the utmost importance, keeping your car clean should also be a priority. Many products are a part of this range including Waterless Wash, Interior Cleaner, Microfiber Cloth, Glass Cleaner and many more. Nippon Car Care Products are the best for keeping your car clean as well as providing it with a protective layer.

Here is a glance at the products:

Car Shampoo
This car shampoo has been formulated with a special high-grade carnauba wax which offers superior gloss & protection to the surface of the car. It is highly effective in removing dirt, without damaging the paint.

Wash & Wax Shampoo
This high foam-building product has been designed to wash & protect. It removes dirt and leaves, while leaving a glossy finish, without damaging the coat of paint on the car surface.

Interior Cleaner
This high-quality cleaner contains special silica to bolster dirt removal from multiple surfaces. It has been designed specifically for upholstery, carpets, roof-lining, floor mats, smooth leather and plastic parts.

Glass Cleaner
A superior product which has been designed to deliver a streak-free finish and also removes tough stains & finger impressions.

Waterless Wash
This product is both easy to use as well as eco-friendly. It ensures deep cleansing while imparting a high glossy finish. It is ideal for a quick & tidy wash as it is ready to use and does not consume water.

Spray Wax
This is a fast and easy solution for removal of dirt, water marks and smudges. This product is streak-free and non-abrasive, which can be applied on multiple surfaces.

Liquid Wax
A liquid finishing wax specifically designed and developed for all kinds of painted surfaces. It provides a high gloss and durable finish on fully cured paintwork.

All in One Dresser
This is a multi-purpose dresser that can be applied both on the exterior as well as the interior of the car. It is a high-quality water-based product that provides complete dressing solutions for all substrates imparting excellent gloss & finish.

Dashboard Dresser
It is a water-based and high-performing dresser that has been designed to restore shine and impart sparkle to plastic, vinyl and rubber parts.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
A one-step cleaning and conditioning product for leather which prevents dullness, fading and cracking by leaving a long-lasting protective film.

Tyre Dresser
This ready-to-use and water-based dresser ensures optimum gloss. It has been formulated to impart a non-greasy finish, while providing perfect protection to your tyre and makes it look brand new.

Wash Mitt
Incorporating the best of polymer/rubber technology in a premium microfibre cloth to ensure safe, efficient and easy removal of heavy dirt & water spots. A product with high durability that can be used with any lubricant & on multiple substrates.

Microfiber Cloth
A high-quality product created with microfiber technology that provides excellent results and can be used on multiple surfaces.

These easy to use Nippon Car Care Products are just what you need for keeping your car looking its best. For more details please log on to

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