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New Funny Drag Racing T-Shirt Celebrates Sammy Hagar’s Immortal I Can’t Drive 55

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If long drives require the comfort of soothing music, speed limits arent unrelated to artistic endeavors either. In this case, the original national speed limit of 55 mph in the US led to the creation of song that still continues to influence us. The song in question is I cant drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. A new T-shirt by Quarter Mile Addiction, the maker of famous drag racing merchandise, now celebrates this all time popular rock single.

The new I Can’t Drive 55 Premium Fit Mens Tee features a spin off on the line, featuring the slogan, Do you know why I stopped you? Because I let you. The T-shirt comes with a coffee mug, and can be bought in a range of sizes, from Small to Large and up to 3XL.

A little history behind the making of the song reveals that inspiring moment that led Hagar to put his pen to paper with no hesitation. Hagar had just returned to the US from abroad, and was driving from Albany to New York at two in the dark. Hagar was doing 62 and was stopped by a patrol cop, who declared that they were giving tickets for over 60. Hager replied with the line that went on to become the title of the song. As per Hagar, while the cop was making the ticket, he was writing the lyrics down.

I Can’t Drive 55 is the 100th song to feature on VH1s Greatest Hard Rock Songs. While Hagar gained fame, the song has since been featured on TV programs, commercials and was used in the movie, Back to the Future Part II.

The [I Can’t Drive 55 Premium Fit Mens Tee]( can be bought from the official online store of Quarter Mile Addiction. All merchandise available at the store is proudly made in the US and comes with a regular delivery of 5-7 working days as well as a quick, 3-day shipping option.

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