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Mylighthost has Announced its Specialty as the Best Web Hosting Service Provider in Bangladesh

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The world is advancing day by day with the innovation of different cloud technologies. Therefore, with the passage of time, almost all modern businesses are now moving towards online-based technology in order to elevate the growth of their business and its popularity is increasing day by day. This move is an extraordinary explanation for the interest of web hosting companies in Bangladesh.

A web hosting company or service provider is a business that provides technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be available on the internet. MyLightHost is one of the top local web hosting companies in Bangladesh that has been offering the most reliable and secure web hosting services worldwide since 2013, in order to elevate the growth of businesses.

MyLightHost offers new customers free access to their service for 30 days so that you can check the quality before making a purchase. In addition, according to the 30 days Refund Policy, if you are not satisfied using their service, your money will be refunded with no question asked.

MyLightHost has multiple Geolocated servers. So, users can choose from a location of their choice. In addition, they use Premium Software to protect the server, which performs DDoS, SQL Injection, privilege escalation, information disclosure, on-demand / realtime directory and scanning php, parl, cgi script, thus removing infected files before uploading.

By providing 99.95% uptime guarantee, MyLightHost ensures the accessibility of your site.

They offer a starting point for the businesses to grow from the register a domain and enable an easy upgradation for the users who are on the growing level. MyLightHost’s shared hosting plan includes the necessary resources enough to cover all new websites.

To give high priority to customer satisfaction, MyLightHost provides 24/7 support via Live Chat, support ticket and call center and clients can easily get the support they need from a specific department.

In addition, they also provide software & web application development, website design, and server management services. Regarding any type of web design and development, they can assist you according to your needs.

When so much of your business relies upon your website, choosing the right web hosting service provider is everything. You don’t realize how important it is until you don’t have experienced good or bad.

About MyLightHost
MyLightHost is a leading provider of web hosting solutions to all types of businesses, professionals and individuals. They provide hosting services along with a whole range of other benefits that help customers to build a strong online presence. When it comes to domain registration, hosting services, web security services, etc the company is indeed a renowned brand in this platform.

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