MSys Technologies Unveils New Singapore Office, Expanding Global Presence

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Singapore – April 22, 2024 – In a bold stride towards regional expansion, MSys Technologies, a trusted partner in digital transformation and software product engineering services, proudly announces its latest venture: a new office in the bustling city of Singapore. This momentous occasion not only underscores MSys’ unwavering dedication to its APAC clientele but also signifies a strategic leap forward in the company’s growth trajectory.

Dedicated to Empowering Clients with Tailored Solutions

The opening of this new office is a testament to MSys’ unwavering commitment to client-centricity and localization. By establishing a physical presence in Singapore, MSys is poised to amplify its industry-leading services, offering unparalleled proximity and tailored solutions to clients not only in Singapore but throughout the entire APAC region. This milestone heralds a new era of enhanced support and bespoke digital transformation journeys for our esteemed clientele, as MSys embarks on this exciting chapter of growth and innovation.

Forging Global Partnerships by Expanding Reach with Strategic Partner Offices

Venturing into a relentless pursuit of global expansion, MSys Technologies has strategically partnered with key players in Malaysia, fortifying the groundwork for a robust regional network. The debut of our new Singapore office stands as a pivotal moment in this strategic voyage, positioning itself as the central hub for seamless collaboration with our regional partners. These existing partnerships in Malaysia and Vietnam, enhance our presence and capabilities in the region. This strategic alliance pledges to nurture a more unified and cohesive approach to client projects, heralding a new era of unparalleled service and excellence in the APAC region and beyond.

Sanjay Sehgal, Founder and CEO of MSys Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “This marks a pivotal stride towards our aspiration to emerge as a worldwide frontrunner in digital transformation. We are witnessing remarkable growth in the region, and the inauguration of our Singapore office will propel our momentum even further.”

Sreeni Pylore, Vice President – Global Sales of Digital Business Unit, says “Opening the Singapore office reiterates MSys’ increased commitment to Customers & Partners in the region and is part of MSys’ global expansion. MSys already has an office in Malaysia and in Australia, while Global Headquarters is Atlanta, GA, USA.
Karthik MPS, AVP – Sales of Digital Business Unit, highlighted the strategic importance of the new office, saying, “Singapore serves as a key market for us, especially in sectors like Fintech and e-commerce. Our focus is not just on digital transformation but also on creating localized applications and services that resonate with the unique needs of clients in this region.”

Revitalizing Regional Talent and Amplifying Community Involvement

In its drive for growth in Singapore, MSys pledges to construct a robust regional team. Karthik, AVP – Sales, emphasized, “We grasp the significance of vicinity-centric talent and community engagement. Our strategy goes beyond merely establishing an office; it’s about cultivating a dynamic ecosystem where we actively collaborate with local experts, recruit skilled professionals, and make meaningful contributions to the regional community.”

Boosting Revenue and Fortifying Client Relationships

MSys Technologies has set its sights on doubling its revenue within the next two years. The new Singapore office will play a pivotal role in this endeavor by strengthening client relationships, broadening its industry focus to include Fintech, e-commerce, and digital transformation, and providing tailored solutions for local markets.

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