Moving house: avoid the 6 most common mistakes

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There are several steps that need to be taken in order for the organization of change to take place without unforeseen events. See in this article which mistakes you don’t make during your house move.

Anyone who has moved house at least once knows that it is a laborious process. In addition to hiring a NYC Commercial Moving Company, you need to take care of a number of details to avoid delays, damage to the transported goods and unpleasant surprises at some stage of the transfer.

With the aim of facilitating the routine of those who need to organize a move, we have prepared a list of the most common mistakes. Stay tuned for our tips and shares your opinion with us in the comments section.

1) Do not pack in advance

In any person there is a great potential for an accumulator. Believe me, no matter how small your house is, packing all the objects for a move will take work, and the best way to behave is with organization.

Don’t leave packing your furniture to the last minute. Obviously, how far in advance you start the packages will depend on the time you have for the transfer. Usually, two weeks are enough to pack everything without the task turning into martyrdom.

If you are going to hire the services of a specialized company, remember that the less material to pack, the more affordable the cost of the service. To save money, one option would be to pack all the offal and leave only the packing of furniture and heavy objects to the professionals.

2) Neglecting the installation/cutting of services

When the date of the move is already defined, one of the main concerns should be to coordinate the cut of basic services of the old property, as well as the installation of the same in the new residence .

We are talking about water, electricity, telephone, cable TV, etc. Remember to update the delivery address for bills for your cell phone, credit card, health plan and similar services. This will save you from problems with delays, fines or suspension of services for non-payment.

3) Do not quote with several companies

The transport sector is heavily affected by competition. This means that, in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to negotiate better prices depending on what other companies offer .

Therefore, it is very important to ask for a quote from several, of different sizes and profiles. This way, you will have a better basis for comparison and can make the most appropriate decision for your needs.

4) Choose the company only by price

It is worth remembering that the moving sector is also marked by informality and, in some cases, by little professionalism. Choosing a company solely on the basis of price can be a mistake, as many of them do not have the necessary structure to be able to carry out quality transport , especially with regard to fleet, packaging and the technical capacity of the professionals.

In this way, be sure to compare all the details of the services offered by the companies and look at the opinions published by other customers. These are details that will help you choose more consciously.

5) Do not require a contract

Regardless of the service and company hired, it is essential to require a detailed contract with everything that will be done , what the costs of the services will be and payment methods. It will be your legal guarantee in the event of an unforeseen event or failure by the company.

6) Not checking inventory on delivery

More important than making an inventory of everything that will be transported in the truck is checking that everything arrives at the final destination as agreed. Often, the transport is not direct, includes days of storage in warehouse and some furniture or box can be lost.

Therefore, check if anything is missing and complain about the absence of the belonging at the place of delivery, sending an email/message to the company, so that it is formalized. This will be important to claim your rights, in case the company refuses to reimburse you for the damages.

Now that you know what not to do, you can proceed with organizing your move. Start by contacting companies that specialize in moving services New York.