Mitchell Foot & Ankle Helps Heal Foot Problems

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Dr.Chuck Mitchell, DPM
1338 E 47th St
IL 60653 

Chicago, Illinois : Mitchell Foot & Ankle is pleased to announce that they help heal foot problems to help individuals remain comfortable and restore their mobility. Their team can treat various foot issues with innovative treatments that achieve desired results.

Mitchell Foot & Ankle recently relocated to a new, expanded office with a state-of-the-art surgical facility to provide patients with exceptional patient care. Their board-certified podiatrists are well-trained and experienced in handling various foot issues. The new office is close to public transportation and offers free parking to make care more accessible. They work with patients to develop a personalized care plan to help individuals regain mobility and overcome their foot problems.

Mitchell Foot & Ankle accepts most insurance plans to ensure optimal coverage for every patient. When procedures or treatments aren’t covered by insurance, the medical clinic helps individuals find the best payment plan to ensure they can afford to care for their foot health.

Anyone interested in learning about their foot treatments can find out more by visiting the Mitchell Foot & Ankle website or calling 773-324-3338.

About Mitchell Foot & Ankle: Mitchell Foot & Ankle is a medical clinic specializing in foot and ankle conditions. They work closely with patients to develop a personalized care plan to restore mobility, eliminate pain, and encourage healing. Their patients can expect the best results with innovative surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Company: Mitchell Foot & Ankle
Address: 1338 E 47th St
City: Chicago
State: IL
Zip code: 60653
Telephone number: 773-324-3338
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Mitchell Foot & Ankle is a full-service podiatry facility located on the Southside of Chicago, IL. Dr. Mitchell specializes in advanced surgical and non-surgical treatment of all foot and ankle disorders, including bunions, hammer toes, heel pain, tendon injuries, ingrown toenails and much more.