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Micro X-Ray Creates the Future of X-Ray One Tube at a Time

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Glen Blair
1334 Brommer Street, Suite B6
Santa Cruz
CA 95062 
United States

Santa Cruz, California, August 22, 2019: Micro X-Ray is pleased to announce they are the future of the x-ray tube. By providing customized x-ray tubes with small, round focal spots, minimizing un-sharpness for clearer vision and images, they take new technology and use it for modern science. Some x-ray tube manufacturers specify a small spot within their tubes, making the image blurry because of oblong or double focal spots.

The motto for Micro X-Ray is that image is everything and they want to make sure all of their customers are able to utilize their product to help figure out whatever it is they need to know. The x-ray tubes created within their office incorporate a Mammoflex cable that allows for tight bend radius in cramped spaces, which makes the machine easier to move to get the results that are needed.

The reason Micro X-Ray should be considered versus their competitors for all x-ray needs is because they don’t rely on focal spot standards to ensure their image quality. Instead, they let the image quality speak for itself, knowing their customers won’t be displeased with their products.

For more information about the business and its services, visit the website at Micro X-Ray website or call 1-831-207-4900.

About Micro X-Ray.: Micro X-Ray customizes x-ray tubes to meet their customers’ needs for a competitive market advantage. The company utilizes 21st century technology and maintains full control over all manufacturing processes by dealing with them inside their office. Each x-ray tube is built by hand, utilizing the latest technology.

Company: Micro X-Ray
Address: 1334 Brommer Street, Suite B6
City: Santa Cruz
State: CA
Zip code: 95062
Telephone number: 1-831-207-4900

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Micro X-Ray Inc., is a designer and manufacturer of low power, small focal spot x-ray tubes for various applications including X-ray Fluorescence, X-ray Diffraction, medical imaging, electron imaging and thickness gauging.

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