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Saturday, September 24, 2022: Trains are considered most comfortable for shifting a patient to the healthcare center located far away from the current location of the ailing individual. Active in India for several years Train Ambulance Services in Patna operating for Medivic Train Ambulance is a medical transportation provider dedicated to shifting patients in sickness, injuries, suffering, or medical emergency. Our vision for the future is to offer humanitarian services to those who need evacuation with safety and comfort and we also deliver bed-to-bed service to the patients who require end-to-end attention during the process of evacuation.

We are considered the leading provider of medical evacuation services, and assistance so that the patients get transferred to their opted medical center without any complication. We require 24-48 hours for booking the tickets for the train and equip the compartments with all the necessary medical equipment that matches the specific needs of the patients. We at Train Ambulance Service in Patna are considered the most efficient and appropriately designed medical transportation provider operating inside state-of-the-art train ambulances having advanced and life-saving facilities like ICU, CCU, and life support.

Medivic Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi is Offering a Stress-Free Medium of Transport

The operational module of Medivic Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi includes transparent services, a cost-effective budget, and end-to-end medical attention delivered throughout the process of evacuation. We are the most suitable alternative for shifting critical patients to their desired medical facility so that they receive the required medical assistance. We book tickets in the best operational trains of the selected route and ensure the seat gets booked in the second or third-tier AC compartments only. We transform the interior of the train coaches to resemble intensive care units similar to a traditional ambulance with all the other medical tools present to make the journey smooth and trouble-free.

Once we were shifting a pregnant lady from Patna to Delhi via Train Ambulance in Delhi so that she could get better medical attention there. We equipped the train compartments with all the necessary medical tools to make the journey efficient and ensured a skilled medical staff remained available all along the journey. During the journey, the patient started experiencing labor pain and contractions after which our medical staff took notice of the situation and concluded that the baby was about the get delivered. All the staff members took care of the delivery process and helped in the birth of the child which was done successfully and the evacuation mission got concluded without any casualties.

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