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Medilift Road Ambulance in Kolkata – Your Angel in Curative Commutation

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021: If the ambulance service reaches the spot of health catastrophe on time, then it is very overwhelming for the sufferer’s family members. A well-timed ambulance service is like a silver lining for those surrounded by dark clouds of uncertainty and fear of losing someone due to a sudden health problem. The Road Ambulance Services in Kolkata operating under the placard of Medilift Road Ambulance offers immediate evacuation with medical supervision in a planned structure. Scheduling time-framed organized repatriation is our expertise. We lead the industry in rendering exceptional emergency aid to the sufferers during the journey.

The ICU Ambulance in Kolkata is transparent in its mission of executing evacuation without negligence. We have recently acquired a wagon for providing ambulance service that can cover a distance of 3,000 km. This vehicle enhances the patients’ comfort as it possesses a spacious cabin just like a vanity van. The internal structure of the van has been transformed into an ICU setup by installing critical medical instruments such as BPAP system, syringe pump, infusion pump, defibrillator, blood warmer, transport ventilator, ECG machine, external cardiac pacemaker, pulse oximeter, oxygen concentrator, biomonitor, bedside monitor, nebulizer, etc. The ambulance can accommodate 10-15 people along with driver and stretcher-bearers. We provide the conventional ambulance at an affordable price that is suitable for long-distance traveling. Such type of ambulance enriches the medical travel experience of patients.

Expeditious Repatriation with Medilift Road Ambulance in Varanasi

Are you looking for a medium that guarantees the safety of your sick family member during transportation? If the answer is yes, then you can blindly select the Road Ambulance Varanasi surging under Medilift Road Ambulance. Our job is to take the patients safely to their desired destination. Our team of doctors fully cooperates with the patient’s family and provides treatment to the patient when needed so that their condition can be balanced. We work collaboratively to execute ethical evacuation with compassion and empathy.

Our ambulance service also completes the task of transporting the dead people from one place to another with full respect. The ALS/BLS Ambulance in Varanasi hauled patients throughout day and night during the Covid19 2nd phase. We were present to haul Covid patients with all safety and by following Covid protocols. Serving society at times of pandemic or in an emergency due to natural disasters is satisfying for us. We provide every possible service to the patient during transportation so that we can satisfy them. In an attempt to improve the health graph of the society we are doing our bit but we also need your cooperation. You have to show trust in us at times of grave health circumstance, and we promise that we will move mountains to help you. The Road Ambulance from Varanasi to Kolkata is capable of shifting patients who might undergo complex surgeries. Our desire to help the needy makes us different from the lot.

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