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Marlin Consulting Solutions is a digital marketing agency based in Florida, United States. The company has been awarded with an official Agile CRM partner certification and badge which makes it the first ever certified partner East Coast and Florida to have such accreditation. Marlin Consulting Solutions happily announced the news that it has completed the Agile CRM partner training and has gained expertise. The company is now offering professional support services to those businesses who seek help in this domain. Whether you require consulting, implementation, support, or training of the Agile CRM’s software, Marlin Consulting Solutions has got you covered!

What is a CRM?

A CRM or customer relationship management is a software that allows companies to manage and look after their sales process. This is one of the integral component of any organization if they are looking to progress and outdo their competitors in the market. In today’s time, most of the CRMs are web based that you can access with the pair of login credentials. You can consider CRM as a faster and much easier version of MS Word or Excel.

This is not it! Marlin Consulting Solutions will also assist businesses in setting up, customizing, and integrating Agile CRM’s native applications with other third party software. In case you are looking to integrate with non native application, Marlin Consulting Solutions can also help you integrate with more than 750 non native apps through

No matter the size and type of the business, Marlin Consulting Solutions aims to deliver tailored solutions to businesses by combining a perfect software stack with Agile CRM. With the company’s support, businesses can further grow and expand the functionality and features of Agile CRM that matches their exact requirements. Before proceeding, let’s have a detailed look at what exactly is an Agile CRM?

What is Agile CRM?

Businesses opt to implement Agile CRM as it helps them “sell and market like Fortune 500.” It is a web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and automation software solution for small and medium sized businesses. Agile CRM is ideal for those businesses who are looking to maximize their return on investment (ROI) for a CRM software solution.

In recent times, the need to have an Agile CRM for a business has significantly increased. There are several reasons why businesses are on the outlook to consider this as their CRM and automation software solution. Some of the most important reasons are as follows:

Three reasons to choose Agile CRM

* One Unified Platform: This means you can manage your help desk, marketing, sales, and support from a single platform. Agile CRM has eliminated the loss of crucial data between multiple systems
* Cost Efficient: Agile CRM is one of the most cost effective methods to benefit from the modern features and integrations, implementation, and support. A basic Agile CRM will cost at just $10 per user per month.
* Next-Generation Software: It is a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that is extremely easy to use, fast, and mobile ready.

Marlin Consulting Solutions can help you implement technology and business optimization along with CRM + Sales & Marketing Automation

Marlin Consulting Solutions is a digital marketing agency that is committed to providing servicer par excellence. The company envisages to stay ahead of the curve at all times. The company has formed strategic alliance with Agile CRM to offer customers top of the line support along with daily tips and hacks to outshine in the market.

When we talk about optimization, it is about performing a task or process effectively and efficiently. The primary goal of optimization from a business perspective is to accomplish business goals and achieve higher results with the same resources.

What is Sales & Marketing Automation?

Majority of the web based CRMs available out there have started integration of marketing and sales related features so that businesses can make use of a single platform to manage everything. The process is called digital automation that allows businesses to grow and expand faster. Having an effective CRM system implemented, you can avoid wasting resources for repetitive tasks. In addition, the purpose of automation is to help businesses save their valuable time and money.

Core Services:
1. Consultation regarding business optimization

We offer comprehensive consultation services to business regarding task and process optimization. For that matter, we assign a dedicated team that will look at the business process of the organization and its efficiency levels. In addition, we will also take a deep look how you gather, store, and retrieve critical data to determine if there is a room for improvement. Our goal is to come up with a strategy that optimizes majority of your day to day tasks.

2. Developing a digital headquarter

We will interlace the perfect Software Stack with multiple web based systems to increase your organization’s productivity and efficiency levels. A CRM is your digital headquarter from where you can manage, add, and control all functionalities.

3. Technology training

Our team will provide comprehensive one on one or group training so that you can efficiently use your new digital headquarter or CRM.

4. CRM + Automation Support

Marlin Consulting Solutions will help you slowly transition to the modern age of business whether or not you fully understand the technology. Whether you are concerned to implement or integrate new workflow or a new application, we will help you with it!

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