Make Your Presence Matters in an Emergency by Taking A & B First Aid Training Course

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Understanding the requirements and needs of a patient who just received a heart attack is fundamental. Every second counts, and in the initial stage, if someone can provide proper first aid service, it can save that person’s life.
A & B First Aid training service can create a following simulation where if one person gets injured or just suddenly receives any medical complications, then an individual’s training will be important to save that person’s life.

About Us
We are Australia’s leading first-aid care company with expertise in this operation. We have trainers who have industry knowledge and hold a certificate for providing training. We have developed our service in the last few years and instilled these life-saving skills within the trainees.

The industry reached a market size of 166.40 USD in 2020 and is still in the trajectory, and has growth potential. We must say we have built awareness about our service and can make people understand our cause.

We are the host of certified trainers who has built this organisation to train the population about caring for one another. This initiative makes our mission to provide first aid training to the people and make them capable of standing up in case of an emergency.

We have built our training centres and also can take onsite training process based upon consultation. We have also built a service where we can provide training in the hybrid module, where theories are taught online, and practicals are done in the training centres.

Services provided
We provide courses broadly on four main categories.
? CPR Course
This course is known as “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation”. It deals with human fatality when one gets a heart attack. Here the module will train you to save the last minutes and do the necessary things so the person can survive.
? First aid
It teaches us to provide safety and do the necessary things to reduce the casualty of an injured person. We have curated this service to train people in homes and offices to offer first aid treatment to their injured near ones.
? Child Care First Aid
Here, we teach our trainees the basic difference in physiology between adults and children.
? Group Training
Our programme of dedicated onsite training is created for corporates and organisations who want their staff to be trained in basic lifesaving skills.

Why Choose Us?
The basic difference between us and others is our training process and certified trainers. We have trainers certified in “TAE40116 Certificate IV in training and assessment”. These trainers give handhold experience to the trainees and are the most suitable ones for someone just starting.

It’s easy for you to communicate with us as we break down every process and provide a proper theory module to make you understand the reasons behind our training actions. This practice helps us to be transparent with you.

It’s your judgement to decide now about the importance of basic lifesaving skills and how they can help you in any critical medical emergency or contribute to our society.

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