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Lumina HealthCare announces significant growth and market expansion.

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Los Angeles, CA-based Lumina HealthCare has just announced an increase in staff to support growing operations of its on-site dental, on-site hygiene and on-site podiatry services. Lumina HealthCare over the past 3 months has increased Company size by over 15% and has goals to further increase staff to support the demand for in-facility services which now have expanded beyond California.

“Our growth is a strong indicator of progress and we are more than delighted to bring on new staff and contract with new providers to support this growth,” said James Mai, Director of Corporate Development. “We are expanding into new regions and states and have openings all across California and now in Arizona” Mr. Mai added.

Lumina is welcoming all dental and medical professionals to apply and to explore career options with the company. Interested candidates can visit to explore current openings.

Working with qualified providers of on-site dental services from Lumina can help patients within nursing homes and centers. Oral health is an important element in overall health, and Lumina HealthCare arranges healthcare services to clients in facilities across the country. Recently, Lumina HealthCare has expanded and is the choice for numerous health and dental plans.

Patients and families see the benefit of being seen by Lumina contracted providers such as digital x-rays, which can be completed directly at their bedside, as well as treatments for cavities and other common dental health issues. In addition, the Company contracts for podiatry services on-site as well. The team and extended family of providers at Lumina HealthCare include qualified dentists and dental hygienists and podiatrists, each of whom provides care in nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

About Lumina HealthCare:

Lumina HealthCare® manages on-site dental and podiatric health care for more long-term care facilities than any other company, and its KidsCare program visits schools for Dental Wellness Days to improve the dental health of students. We work with the best podiatrists and periodontists in Los Angeles, experts in delivering comprehensive mobile services wherever those with access or mobility challenges are best served. To discover more about how Lumina can provide services on-site, please contact their team directly at 1-800-373-5400 or visit

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