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Chicago, Illinois : Lume Wellness is pleased to announce that they help individuals look, feel, and function their best with customized treatment strategies that address their unique needs. Their team provides various services, including massage, NAD+, vitamin shots, an infrared sauna, red light therapy, lymphatic compression, IV drips, cryotherapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Lume Wellness believes natural treatments are the most effective method for helping people achieve optimal wellness. Individuals seeking these treatments will feel better, improve their appearance, and ensure their bodies function optimally. Their team provides these treatments in a comfortable environment to help individuals feel at ease while at the wellness center. They sterilize and clean each treatment area between clients, ensuring a safe, relaxing experience for everyone.

Lume Wellness is dedicated to providing the best treatments that help individuals look, feel, and function their best with natural treatments that focus on optimal health and well-being. Clients can book individual treatments or sign up for membership to take advantage of treatment packages.

Anyone interested in learning how they help individuals look, feel, and function their best can find out more by visiting the Lume Wellness website or calling 1-312-285-2004.

About Lume Wellness: Lume Wellness is a trusted wellness center providing exceptional natural treatments that help individuals improve their appearance and overall health. Clients can choose from treatments like vitamin shots, red light therapy, massages, lymphatic compression, cryotherapy, and more. Their team helps individuals choose the perfect treatment options to ensure optimal results.

Company: Lume Wellness
Address: 351 Hubbard Street
City: Chicago
State: IL
Zip code: 60654
Telephone number: 1-312-285-2004
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Lume Wellness isn’t just a spa, it’s a destination. Enjoy a warming tea, sparkling water, or healthy juice while you relax and pause to focus on yourself and your wellness. Our services include Cryotherapy treatments, IV hydration therapy, infrared sauna, massage therapy, acupuncture, and vitamin booster shots. Contact us for more information!