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Licensed Therapist offers Innovative Stress Reduction For Reducing Anxiety and Fear around Covid-19

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Divine Source Healing
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Marc Aronoff, MA, LMHC, is delighted to announce the opening of his new Energy Healing
practice, Divine-Source Healing Services, offering individual and group sessions via tele-health
conference. ( Combining traditional therapeutic modalities of
Insight and Talk-therapy with ancient wisdom, a Divine-Source Healing session is a unique
opportunity for stress reduction and a renewed sense of Self-confidence during difficult times.

Derived from over 30-years’ experience working with individuals, groups, and Fortune 500
companies as a Wellness Consultant, Divine-Source Healing offers tangible tools for coping
more effectively with personal stress and anxiety, offering a gateway to experience deep states of
relaxation and peace. This is accomplished through dialogue, inquiry, awareness, and remote
healing, strengthening one’s innate resources for coping in fresh new ways.

“After a divine-source healing session, I feel more relaxed in my mind and body…
and the feeling seems to stay as I go about my day.”

Not a system of religious or dogmatic beliefs, Divine-Source Healing draws on tenets of
Quantum physics and the revolutionary field of Epigenetics; which may be seen here as the
genetics of our lineage. Science has shown that our state of mind and relationship to stress, in
particular fear, has a profound effect on well-being and the immune system. Science also
demonstrates our DNA is a “frequency generator” which is changeable: we may align with a
frequency of health and healing or potentially dis-ease. The question is, in times like this, how
do we care for our mental and psychic health, while isolated and faced with uncertainty.
Covid19, while demanding us to make safe choices, also offers an inner journey.
Clients often come with a range of issues from emotional distress, anxiety, and worry, to
physical pain.

While not a substitute for traditional medicine where needed, a Divine-Source
Healing offers the chance to cultivate harmony in one’s life, offering the solace of experiencing
what you can do for yourself. Each 30 – 60-minute session is custom tailored. While these are
stressful times, humans are wired for transformation. How we see and experience the world will
determine our well-being. The premise is simple: We have an influence over our biology.

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