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Nowadays, you will find entire magazines and hundreds of websites dedicated to how people can bring a tired, out-of-date house to sparkling modern new life. Besides of this type of flashy remodelling, you need to keep in mind that behind the walls and under the floorboards are plumbing pipes that might be well past their prime and made from long-outdated metals.

And this will lead to numerous problems, including massive water waste, extensive water damage, and even toxic chemicals in drinking water. Replacing old pipes with new PVC ones can rescue a home.

Issues With Cast Iron Pipes:

• Sewer Back-Up into Home
• Roach Infestation
• Pest Infestation
• Slow Drains
• Clogged Drains
• Water Damage to Home
• Mold Growth

Benefits of PVC Pipes:

• PVC pipes are light, easy to move, and faster to install.
• These pipes are cost-efficient as it requires fewer plumbers to install the pipe.
• These are highly flexible and resistant to movements and shifts in the ground.
• PVC remains intact even with pressure and vibration.
• Compared to other pipes, PVC pipes have the highest joint tightness.
• PVC pipes leak less often.
• More durable and can last up to 70 years or more.
• PVC doesn’t corrode or rust
• It’s a non-toxic material and safe to use for all kinds of plumbing purposes.

Between all these issues, one of the major problems is Iron cast pipes will typically start rusting after a period of time and eventually, the rust builds up and blocks the pipe. In the meantime, the rust may collect in aerators and contaminate your tap water. And many fake filter companies are taking this advantage.

Cast iron pipes can corrode over time, compromising their structural integrity. Between 20-30% of all property damage is caused by water. Ignoring a faulty plumbing pipe system is just an accident waiting to happen. It could only be a matter of time before you have to deal with an expensive emergency due to compromised cast iron pipes.

Online sales of counterfeit refrigerator water filters are a rapidly growing problem. These counterfeit water filters are sold with misleading and fraudulent labelling, often including the illegal use of brand names, logos and product labels. Although marketers of these counterfeit filters say they meet recognized standards for effectiveness, they are untested and fail to remove toxic substances from water, as the label claims.

Issues With Fake Filters:

• Fail to remove contaminants from your drinking water such as lead, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, asbestos and pharmaceuticals
• Add contaminants to your drinking water
• Leak and damage your refrigerator and kitchen
• Violate your refrigerator’s warranty, costing you additional time and money for repairs

With so much uncertainty about the quality of water filters available online, only choose one that is trusted and sold by a genuine certified source that stands behind its products. Buying water filters from a trusted source is the only way to ensure a water filter is legitimate and safe for your family and appliance. You can purchase water filters through at an affordable price.
These water filters are certified and tested and get you better, leaner testing water. You can also speak to their experts to find the right model for you.

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