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Kennesaw, GA Eye Doctor Offers High-Quality Prescription Glasses To Patients

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Are you suffering from blurry vision? If so, it might be time to have your eyes checked. Luckily, Classic Vision Care has updated its services to provide you with the best treatment possible. This announcement highlights the fact that the practice remains open despite the current pandemic. It can offer you eyeglasses, and can treat issues like glaucoma, dry eyes, astigmatism, and macular degeneration. 

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The clinic revamped its services in light of the long hours you work, especially as the workforce shifts to a remote setup. You will be handled by proprietor Dr. Mital Patel and her team of highly trained optometrists. While the current pandemic has made working from home mainstream, it has also blurred the lines between professional and home life. As you stare longer into your laptops and smart gadgets, your eyesight naturally suffers. To help correct your vision problems, Classic Vision Care offers a complete range of optical services. You will undergo a comprehensive examination to ensure the best solution can be prescribed.

The clinic has advanced equipment that enables it to diagnose a broad range of vision problems. It is likewise able to help you with issues like eye infections, allergies, and computer eye strain. If you need glasses to correct your eyesight, you can choose from an expansive collection of stylish and handmade frames. These include Italian-made products, as well as the sleek but durable OVVO frames. You can also have your pick of high-quality contact lenses and chic sunglasses.

You can easily schedule an appointment by calling the office or by using the online booking form. You are advised to follow health and safety protocols when visiting the clinic.

Classic Vision Care is a full-service optometry center led by Dr. Mital Patel, a board-certified practitioner. It has access to high-tech equipment, including an optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine, which generates precise optical biopsies and diagnostic testing. Aside from Kennesaw, the clinic also has locations in Marietta and Atlanta. Dr. Patel says: “The Classic Vision Care team truly cares about you and takes the time to create individualized treatment plans for the clearest vision possible. When you visit us, we will make sure that we address all your vision issues so you can get the most out of life.”

At the first sign of eyesight issues, head over to Classic Vision Care to have your eyes checked immediately. As the old saying goes, prevention is truly better than cure. 

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