Karpel Foundation Spearheads Justice Reform By Offering Data Driven Dashboards to County Prosecutors

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Karpel Foundation is helping to empower communities to a more equitable justice system by offering data-driven dashboards at no charge to offices using the PROSECUTORbyKarpel case management system now in use by 700 county prosecutor’s offices nationwide.

The dashboards, supported by Microsoft, enable the public to see how their county compares with others across a range of metrics designed to deliver key insights related to recidivism rates, confinement rates, and more to foster accountability within their local justice system. To date the dashboards are in use in 10 offices across three states, including California, Missouri and Oregon.

“Our goal is to help the public judge how their local judicial system compares to others and at the same time, cut the time and cost of prosecution,” said Jeff Karpel, Founder of the Karpel Foundation. “The support of Microsoft will help us build on our mission to promote transparency and accountability through data-driven innovation.”

Jeannine Pacioni – District Attorney Monterey California added, “The Karpel Foundation dashboard is a valuable tool for any prosecutor’s office. Integrated with our case management system, it instantly allows us to see trends from 2016 to present for many vital measures. Data is critical to effectively communicate about the prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system. I use the dashboard to highlight to my constituents and our board of supervisors the important work we do and its impact on our community.”

“The District Attorney’s Office made public current and historic statistics on the Mariposa County website. These statistics will automatically update throughout the year to display the most up to date data,” said Walter W. Wall, District Attorney Mariposa County. “The statistics are provided by a partnership with Measures for Justice. In an effort to increase transparency within the justice system, the District Attorney’s Office has elected to share these statistics with the public to increase awareness and understanding. The District Attorney’s Office thanks Karpel Solutions for making this a possibility.”

The PROSECUTORbyKarpel case management system has grown to be the largest criminal case management software in America. Included is person centric case management, case information and video evidence integration. The system can also automate case assignments, assign cases based on workload, monitor charging decisions, and features internal and external dashboards.

Karpel Foundation is a non-profit organization which awards grants and funding opportunities to governmental entities and/or individuals dedicated to an improved and more efficient criminal justice system. Their mission is to promote transparency and accountability through data driven innovation that informs and advances smart criminal justice policies and improves outcomes for all.