Kangaroo Training Institute Launches Online Training ‘Enter and Work in Confined Spaces’

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Kangaroo Training Institute is an organisation which provides formal training to people serving in the field of construction, manufacturing, defence, ship building, oil & gas etc. They provide online training course, training and assessment, refresher courses and verification of competency in on-site as well as off-site areas.

Kangaroo Training Institute launched an online high risk course for people who want to get trained in “enter and work in confined Spaces”. Online course is designed to train workers or students interested who want to pursue their careers high risk jobs such as “enter and work in confined spaces”. Knowing the benefits of confined space training is necessary for organizations, as they employ workers and men for these high risk jobs. Kangaroo training institute clears the air by providing these important advantages of enter a confined space training certifications.

Every year around 1100-1300 Australian workers die of high risk work, according to a study conducted. Taking this into account in the recent years, papers have been published worldwide regarding the safety concerns of working in confined spaces. The studies emphasised on the numerous ways to prevent accidents. In Australia we do have standards and policies for employers. The policies require them to adhere to the confined space risk assessment rules and regulations to minimize the risks and causalities in a high risk job.

As confined spaces come under the category of critical working areas, it is highly necessary to identify the risks take active steps to prevent them. The refresher course begins with the identification of who’s inside a confined space? For how long he is going to be there. Hence, the environment inside a confined space has to be managed accordingly.

CEO of Kangaroo Institute says,” We have come up with credit transfer facilities for the newly launched online course: enter and work in confined spaces, where a training provider recognises and accepts Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications and statements of attainment issued by another registered training organisation (RTO)”.

Having said that he also mentions that a competency based assessment and training process of collecting evidence and making judgements about whether a person has achieved competency against a pre determined Benchmark is used to finally grade a student.

A student pursuing the course remotely says, “Perhaps the advantage of confined space training for a student is the extensive education received in kangaroo training institute on identifying hazards.

When students are trained properly to identify confined space risks, they are better equipped to avoid any causalities and accidents. Common dangers of combined spaces include fall hazards, hydrogen gas exposure, deep cave ins, and etc.

The course outcome will be a student or a person who works in a confined space area will be in touch clearly with others to receive clarity of work instructions and to implement them. Coordinate with others to work in a confined area in a way that meets all required standards. A trained student knows how to gather the procedures and come up with techniques to enter and work in confined space.

About Kangaroo Training Institute:

At Kangaroo training Institute, they provide highly professional, risk oriented, and detailed course curriculum. As a result, all of their students attain high level of education and in depth knowledge, and they are continuously striving to achieve their goal. Kangaroo Training Institute is a registered Training Organisation (No.45142) accredited to provide training and assessment competencies.

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