Interview with Sergey Shcherbin, Director of after-sales service of AVTODOM BMW St. Petersburg

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The official importer covers our needs for spare parts by 70% in the current situation. Moreover, this figure continues to grow. Some categories of spare parts cannot be brought through an official distributor (mainly for cars that have certain features in their configurations or for cars of an individual segment). European dealers come to the rescue in such a case. We purchase spare parts from them through partners who provide logistics of goods to our warehouses. The cost of spare parts is in direct proportion to the waiting time in this case. We buy the liquid spare parts in large quantities with long delivery times to replenish the warehouse (2-3 months). We choose supply channels with faster delivery times from Europe (up to 30 days) when fulfilling customer orders, as well as for warranty repairs (in case of parts being out of stock in the central warehouse). The selling price for the client remains unchanged, so the profitability of such supplies is lower.

2. What categories of original spare parts can be brought? Which ones are still in short supply?
The situation with the supply of coded and numbered parts is the most acute (these are engine control units, ignition keys, internal combustion engines and a number of body parts). However, we were able to bring all the parts from the above groups in the last six months. In addition, a decrease in the level of availability of spare parts in warehouses in Germany is observed. In such cases, we look for parts in other markets around the world, such as China or South America.

3. Prices of spare parts increase for customers due to complex supply chain or not?
No, they do not increase. The price for the client is limited by the maximum resale price (MPP), which the official distributor determines. We do not order or sell spare parts at prices above the MCP. Parts for warranty repairs are an Exception. The manufacturer, not the customer, is the payer in this case.

4. Is the still under warranty?
Yes, warranty support is provided in full. The manufacturer’s policy in this matter demonstrates unprecedented flexibility and a team approach in cases where spare parts that are not available in the Russian Federation are required for repairs. Only one restriction valid: the spare part must be original.

5. What does the importer think about such a scheme for purchasing spare parts?
The goals of dealers and importers are the same – a high level of customer satisfaction and minimization of legal risks. All parties are sympathetic to alternative deliveries of items that are not in the central warehouse.