Integrative Wellness Coach Teaches Resentment Relief Through Forgiveness

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As Elon Musk famously said, life is too short for long-term grudges. If grudges and resentment are holding you back in life, trapping you in an angry, bitter mindset and prohibiting you from moving forward, you need the e-book by Dr. Leslie Bosch. Bosch wrote the new self-help e-book, which is titled ‘Forgiveness: Break Free From Resentment and Start Moving Forward in Your Life’, in order to show you how toxic resentment is to both your mind and body and how forgiveness can be a path towards greater health and happiness.

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The release of the e-book coincides with a recent exposé from Forbes. According to their research, 69% of Americans now identify that they harbor grudges, with 53% noting that they are ‘too quick’ to hold a grudge. On top of this, of the participants in the study, 70% perceived that grudges were bad for their mental health. Dr. Leslie Bosch agrees. Drawing on the latest medical research, her new e-book makes plain the connection between resentment and changes in both your physical and mental body. Firstly, as she explains, when your body enters into this conflict-oriented state, it produces an excess of cortisol and adrenalin that leads to increases in heart rate and blood pressure. If you frequently feel resentment, you will ultimately see your immune system being suppressed and any chronic pain you suffer from being worsened, and you may even find yourself more prone to diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity.

All of this physical stress and tension, as Dr. Leslie’s e-book reveals, leads to profound mental health impacts. If you are incapable of forgiveness and if you hold on to resentments, you can become stuck in fight-or-flight mode. In addition, you can become trapped in an increasingly negative and anti-social mindset that can lead to anxiety and depression. In terms of your personal relationships, Dr. Leslie feels that the implications of grudges, resentment, and negativity are clear. Seeing this undeniable connection between resentment and physical and mental stress motivated Dr. Leslie Bosch to write ‘Forgiveness: Break Free From Resentment and Start Moving Forward in Your Life’. In the self-help book, she teaches you what forgiveness is, why we need it and how it can allow you to release your resentments.

The book also contains practical and actionable advice about how to overcome the barriers to forgiveness and strategies to become more forgiving. Leslie Bosch, PhD, is a developmental psychologist, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and founder of Bosch Integrative Wellness, a firm devoted to helping clients minimize the negative effects of stress so that they can make a bigger impact without sacrificing their health, well-being, or personal relationships.

A spokesperson for the author and integrative health and wellness coach said, “Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can release resentment and improve health, mental health, and relationship outcomes!” Learn how to forgive and finally get on with your life with Dr. Leslie’s informative and helpful new e-book.

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