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Are you tired of your emails hitting the junk folder? Do you want to tap into the most powerful digital marketing tool available? Email might be the oldest kid on the block, but it’s the king for a reason!

In fact, 77% of internet marketers say email has seen increased engagement over the last year. This is backed by data showing email ROI is $36 for every $1 spent. With this course from Andreas Boenisch, you can massively boost your sales!

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His academy now features Email Marketing 3.0, the latest in a continually updated offering. It covers email content fundamentals across a series of in-depth videos designed for business owners of all experience levels. With four billion daily email users, the course assists you in your audience engagement campaigns. Mastering email techniques and strategies can be an effective way of building brand authority, consumer trust, and niche credibility.

Each module in the course covers a core element of email marketing for business growth and product sales. This includes how to multiply ROI in a cost-effective way, how to improve email open rates, and strategies for gaining more subscribers. Suitable for e-commerce store owners, entrepreneurs, content creators, and SMBs, the course also focuses on traffic generation, landing page conversion, and building brand loyalty. By using the strategies taught in the program, you can leverage a low-cost marketing solution to deliver targeted messages and build an engaged audience.

Email is one of the largest drivers of online revenue, with over $10 billion projected in the US by 2023. However, it can be difficult to know which tools to use and what strategies to employ for optimal effectiveness. The course provides a clear roadmap for you to follow. With his latest course expansion, Andreas Boenisch continues to develop his educational material for a global audience. He is the author of “Personal Takeoff!” and is an experienced business coach. Other courses in the academy include LinkedIn Ads 2, Snapchat Marketing, TikTok Marketing, and Advance Video Marketing.

Andreas states: “Here’s an all-in-one email marketing video training course that includes all the proven and tested strategies. You’ll witness an increase in open and click rates and get visitors hooked on your brand. With its help, you’ll be able to reach millions of scattered people and convert them to prospective customers.”

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