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To migrate to Canada under the Skilled Migration program, either an ex-pat living in Sweden or a Swedish citizen must first qualify for a job and then prepare to apply to the Canadian Express Entry Pool of Candidates.

From there, you have a few options for moving your registration forward in the process. Depending on your occupation, you may be able to get confirmed visas by passing a Red Seal Challenge if you are a Trades Person. Assume you have a job offer in Canada that has been certified. In that situation, you might be able to proceed, and depending on your profession, you might have further choices for advancing through the candidate pool more quickly.
We’ll need to figure out your points on the Canadian Immigration Points Score Matrix for your Express Entry proposal once you’ve found an Occupation in Demand on Canada’s NOC “National Occupation Code” List because the Canadian Government will offer visa invitations to the candidates with the highest points scores from the pool in the various NOC code sectors that Canada needs under their immigration program.

To immigrate to Canada from Sweden, we’ll surely need to work out your points, but we’ll always work closely with you to improve your Canadian Immigration Points Score.

Is it easy for a Swedish citizen to immigrate to Canada?

The beauty of Canadian immigration and those desiring to relocate to Canada from Sweden is that the government does not discriminate based on nationality. This means that ex-pats in Sweden and Swedish citizens are treated similarly when they travel to Canada.

While immigrating to Canada as a Swedish citizen is not straightforward, it is no more difficult than moving to Canada from Sweden or the United States. Best of all, holders of Canadian permanent residency visas who migrate to Canada from Sweden can convert their visas to full Canadian citizenship, which would be fantastic for expatriates. Of course, Sweden has no problem with dual citizenship.

Immigrate to Canada from Sweden
There is no distinction between public and private schools in Canada’s education system, which is internationally recognized. Whereas excellent education is exclusively available through private institutions worldwide, excellent education is open to everybody in Canada. So, why won’t anyone desire to be a permanent resident in such a nation?

Besides, Canada’s post-graduate education is recognized worldwide, and the country is a global leader in several fields. Like most of the rest of the globe, Canada has suffered economically due to the epidemic, although it is recovering swiftly and has not been as severely affected as other countries. There are several work options and prospects to advance your career. In addition, salaries in Canada are often more significant.

How long does Canada Immigration Permanent Residency last?
Generally, permanent resident cards are good for five years. However, some are only valid for one year. The Canadian Government advises permanent residents to keep track of their expiration date and to seek to extend their Canadian permanent resident card within 6 months of its expiring.

The card’s expiration date is printed on it. You cannot use your PR card as a travel document once it has expired. If your PR card is about to expire in the next six months, you must apply to renew it. You must be in Canada. If you return to Canada via commercial vehicle and have an expired PR card, you must obtain a PRTD.

What are the main categories of Canada Immigration from Sweden?

Canadian immigration is divided into six categories:

Federal Skilled Worker
Quebec Skilled Worker
Provincial Nominee Program
Sponsorship by family
Business Immigrant
Canadian Experience Class

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