How to monetize an online business website

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Make money from a website with high quality content..If you have a website with high-quality content, you can make money from it. Attracting people to your website is the first step.Then consider selling your own products or other people’s products.

Generating Quality Content..
Find your expertise or passion. What is it that stimulates your mind? Do you have an interest in video games or traveling to South America? Write down the top things that interest you. Look at your list and search online for these items. What is available already on these themes? If there is a topic that does not appear to have too many websites focused on it, that might be a good subject to cover.

Choose a sustainable topic. While it might be interesting to read about a current fashion fad, will people still be looking at your website a year from now? Try to choose a broad topic that can accommodate several subtopics. For example, instead of focusing solely on the Sochi Olympics, write about the Winter Olympics.

Identify your audience. Be sure you have a potential audience. Check for online forums on your topic. What questions are people asking? Look on social media to see if there are interest groups attached to that topic. Look at what similar websites offer in terms of content. Do they have many visitors? On many sites you can see a visitor tally.

Investigate your competitors. Track how many websites there are on your topic. How many are written in your language? If there are numerous websites, blogs, and articles on your topic, do they share a common viewpoint? Look at their writing and design styles. Think about what you like and dislike on those sites. Are they well written? Pinpoint what you can offer that is better or different in terms of content, writing, and design.

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