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A flange is a cast ring that is designed to connect sections of a pipe or any other machinery that requires a connecting joint. Before confirming your order, it is important to note that these flanges come in different sizes, diameters, shapes & measurements.

Available in various shapes in term of their measurements & field of application. All you need to do is choose your product based on set needs & standards. When it comes to which materials should be used in your applications the following factors come into play & therefore, some important aspects that need to be considered while buying stainless steel flanges are as follows:-

Important to note the diameter of pipes needed. Also, knowing whether these pipes are seamless or welded, would help suit requirement. As for stainless steel pipe flanges, discs & rings that attach to pipe in order to increase support or strength. These are usually welded or screwed to the pipe end. These pipes flanges are designed according to specifications & could be customized by buyers, making more sense than shopping for the standard products.

ASME B 16.5 covers pressure-temperature ratings, marking, materials, dimensions & methods of designating openings for pipe flanges. The standard ASME B16.5 only covers a small size up to 24 inches, for bigger sizes the ASME B16.47 standard covers a larger diameter of pipe flanges, making it more reliable to clients.


SS Slip on Flanges

The most reasonable type available. Having a larger diameter than the pipe, slipping easily over the pipe. Applied in applications engaging in low pressure. When cost or space is an issue, this type is used instead of a weld neck.

SS Weld Neck Flanges

Significant due to the projecting necks, considered for severe service conditions such as sub-zero or high temperature/ pressure. The bore of the pipe & the flange match, making the strongest connection, reducing turbulence & erosion.

SS Blind Flanges

Ideal for the piping system, requiring regular inspection. Handling high stress caused due to internal pressure & pressure of the liquid flowing through the pipe. Used to ‘blank off’ pipelines, valves, etc.

SS Threaded Flanges

Assembled without welding & hence, can be removed easily. Not necessarily used for applications where bending stresses, involving high temperature or pressure. A seal weld is used in conjunction with times. To make it cost-effective, this could be supplied without a hub, or in treated coated carbon steel.

SS Lap Joint Flanges

A type of slip-on flange. Helps in the maintenance of low alloy steel/ carbon pipes. These flanges are seen to be very similar to slip-on flanges but are characterized by the rounded interior edge of the flange face.

SS Socket -Weld Flanges

Smaller diameter handling applications with high pressure such as steam lines. Possess internal welds, ensuring durability. The bore of the pipe & the flange match thus providing, good flow connection.

SS Orifice Flanges

To provide access to a line for metering liquids or gases. The range of orifice flanges covers all standard sizes & range & is common to all flange materials.

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