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How long does it take to get dental implants in Tysons Corner? Ask our professionals

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When you are not sure about getting dental implants in Tysons Corner, it is very common to think of how much time the dental implants procedure will take. Dental implants are indeed a more effective and permanent solution when we are talking about missing teeth. If you are missing a tooth or if you are suffering from teeth loss then SmilePerfectors is the best Family Dental Clinic to visit in Virginia.

Before we move to the steps included in the dental implants procedure, patients need to know why our experienced dentist in Tysons Corner VA is suggesting this effective and efficient dental treatment. The main reason for choosing dental implants in Tysons Corner is they not only look just like natural teeth but also feel and function the same. Dental implants are comfortable to wear and the patient will not have any kind of trouble in chewing or eating their favorite food. After the dental implants treatment, you will believe that they are strong, durable, and long-lasting (when proper care is taken). With a success rate of around 98%, dental implants can be used to fill the gaps created by missing teeth. To get more information about dental implants, feel free to contact our professionals.

Here is what you need to consider to get a better idea of how much time it takes for dental implants treatment.

Dental Examination:

Well, before scheduling a date for dental implants in Tysons Corner, our dental surgeons will thoroughly check the dental health of the patient. This examination is necessary to know how good the health of your gum and jawbone is to figure out whether they have sufficient strength to support the implants or not.

Dental Implants Surgery:

After careful examination of the teeth, our expert dentist in Tysons Corner VA will begin the procedure for placing the titanium implant at the bottom of the gums. The overall surgery will take around 1-2 hours but that totally depends on the dentist and their treatment process. Usually, our dental surgeons recommend 2-3 months for the healing period and restoration of teeth replacement.

Recovery After Dental Implants Surgery:

In some cases, patients may feel swelling, bruising, or little pain after the surgery for a couple of days. That is why it is necessary for the patient to have some patience during the healing period. Once the gums and jawbone heal completely, the dentist can move forward with the crown fitting step.

Abutment and Crown Fitting Procedure:

When the healing period of the dental implants is over, the dentist will examine the overall dental health to start the abutment fitting. An abutment is placed or fitted properly between the implant and crown. After the fitting of an abutment, our well-versed dentist in Tysons Corner VA will make sure to fit the artificial crown to protect and strengthen the dental implants.

Get In Touch With Our Dentist in Tysons Corner VA To Obtain Exceptional Dental Implants Treatment

As the dental implants treatment include several steps, the overall treatment procedure may take up to 4-6 months of timespan. But choosing dental implants in Tysons Corner is totally worth it as it is an efficient and permanent solution for missing teeth replacement. If you have any doubts or questions related to the dental implants treatment or if you want to get a free consultation from our finest dentist in Tysons Corner VA, then please give us a call at (703) 356-1200. Also, visit our official website at or Contact Us.

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