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How Legal Firms Can Make Their Brand More Inclusive

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Steven Conway

Inclusivity is one of the most important and current movements that businesses have started to incorporate into their brand message and marketing campaigns. Not only do businesses need to promote inclusivity in order to appeal to a wider range and demographics of customers, but it is also vital that employers choose to incorporate this move towards inclusivity in the workplace as well. This guide will explain how businesses- and legal firms in particular- can take the right steps towards making their businesses welcoming and safe spaces for all.

1. Inclusive Marketing Campaigns
One of the major steps that many businesses are taking towards inclusivity towards both their customers and their employees is to showcase their inclusivity through their marketing campaigns. For instance, many companies often incorporate inclusive stories or narratives within their campaigns during special LGBT community events such as Pride. To ensure that your legal firm is able to present your inclusivity of all customers, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality, you should consider hiring an online marketing agency such as, who can adapt your content marketing, website, and social media strategies to reflect your companies values and focus. However, you should make sure that these marketing campaigns continue throughout the year, rather than being trends centered around the calendar, such as Pride.

2. Create Inclusivity Training Programs
It is just as important to spread your inclusivity throughout the workplace for your employees as it is to show your inclusivity of clients. To ensure that you enable every employee to feel comfortable at work, you should include your company’s value and position on inclusivity, such as LGBT rights and racism in the workplace, incompany training programs. This will ensure that all of your employees know that discrimination is not to be tolerated, and your exact policies on the matter, ensuring that the employees that need it can feel secure in their job roles.

3. Attend and Support Community Events
As a business, it is also important to show your support for both your LGBT staff and your clients by attending and supporting community events in your local area, such as Gay Pride and other such occasions. Many events will have the opportunity for you to host stalls, stands, or even activities throughout the duration of the festival. Not only will this give you an easy way to gain publicity and exposure for your brand or legal firm, but it will also show your support of inclusivity in your local area and what you are doing to support this.

4. Employ Diverse Teams
It can be difficult to be truly inclusive without first-hand experience and knowledge within your workplace or creative teams. Then, you should attempt to employ diverse teams that can bring their unique perceptions of the world to both your legal firm and your creative campaigns, such as marketing. This will ensure that there is no bias within your content or workplace and that you can get direct insight into ways to be more inclusive.

5. Invest in Inclusive Facilities
It is also important to invest in inclusive facilities such as gender-neutral toilets, which can help to make all of your employees feel more comfortable and as if they belong in the workplace. This will also enable more diverse employees to be able to work at your business without discomfort and show your support for inclusive movements.

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