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Home Cleaning Service in Bangalore is now available on LocalRamu’s platform

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Home Cleaning Service in Bangalore is the most sought after service for the app-based on-demand service category. Digitization of everything has changed the way people used to get domestic help at an hour of the day.
By- LocalRamu

Bangalore – Sep 15, 2020 – The pioneer home service provider LocalRamu has recently announced the launch of Home Cleaning Service in Bangalore on its web and app platform. Although there are many such service providers, finding a reliable and quality service provider is always challenging, especially if someone is new to Bangalore. This service will help people struggling with time to clean their home, those who are moving into new houses, periodical full house deep cleaning.

In the hectic schedule of professional life, finding time for daily chores has become extremely difficult in metro cities like Bangalore. Although cleaning is an essential part of life, still it takes a backseat due to various reasons.

That is the main motivation behind LocalRamu launching the cleaning service on its platform; to help out BANGALORIANS to keep their houses neat and clean even in the scarcity of time. LocalRamu helps you to get rid of people worrying about maintaining their houses and premises clean.

What are the services covered under House Cleaning?
● Complete Floor Sanitation- LocalRamu’s professional house cleaners ensure that all the flooring area is completely disinfected and sanitized. Sanitized floors prevent the invisible microbes and pathogens lurking on the floors.
● Sparkling Bathrooms and Hygienic Toilets- It is necessary to always keep the bathrooms and toilets hygienic to keep the diseases away. Apart from scrubbing the floors, they cover all faucets, taps and shower heads.
● Deep Cleaning the Complete Kitchen- LocalRamu’s professionals cleaning team pay special attention to removing oil accumulation, stubborn greasy spots, and stickiness with hot water treatment. Moreover, they dust off all the appliances and clean the sinks.
● Vacuum Cleaning the Furniture- Sofa and Curtains are often full of dust and allergens which the professionals clean completely by vacuuming.

What are the benefits of booking LocalRamu’s Professional Deep Cleaning in Bangalore?
 Quality Cleaning at Budget-Friendly Rates: LocalRamu never compromises with the service but simultaneously ensures the budget remains within reasonable limits.
 Hassle-Free and Convenient: LocalRamu takes your complete burden of cleaning, whether on regular days or weekends. You can invest your time on something else rather than cleaning. Book a service as per your convenience and let LocalRamu take care of everything.
 Environmental Friendly Cleaning Materials: All the cleaning materials and solvents are 100% safe and environmentally friendly. LocalRamu strictly follows the policy of “No Hard and Harmful Chemicals”.

Conclusion: Expert and Professional House Cleaners are now a few clicks away from you. To book a service log on to or download the app.

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