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There is no rocket science in applying Expense Khata in your daily life. In fact, you can ask other family members to upload the same and use it.

Average daily household expenses are increasing day by day. In fact, the world is passing through a tough time. Many countries are predicting an economic recession. Even economists in India are also predicting a short but sure recession in the country. In this condition, try to restrict your expenses and ask your family to save money as much as possible. This is high time that you use Expense Khata – the most efficient home budget planner. You can download it free on your smartphone. You can even use it from all your smartphones and tabs having internet connections.

But why a home budget app? In current times, its significance is more than we can grasp. Our expenses need to be limited and visible. If the expenses are not visible. Experts opine we over-expense. Because we don’t have any idea how we are expending in the market or our daily life, we go on buying things and eating in expensive restaurants till we finish our money. When we fall short of money, we start expending through credit cards. It’s horrible! Isn’t it? We live in a world where amazing products are constantly trying to catch our attention. But, how many of them are important in our life? If you use a home budget planner, you will quickly understand where you make mistakes, where you make wasteful expenses, and where you can wait for the next month.

Expense Khata has three primary parts – income, budget, and expenses. In the income part, you can record all your sources of income and actual income from those sources. In the budget part, you can fix budgets for different sections of expenses you commonly make such as travelling, groceries, dining outside, clothes, etc. And, in the expense part, which is the most vital part of the expense tracker or home budget planner, you can record all your expenses under different heads.

Expense Khata lets you draw reports on any aspect like the total income of the month or how are you doing concerning budgets. As the app is on your smartphone, you can record the expenses as and when it happens. This makes the expenses more accurate and elaborate. You rarely miss any one expense. It’s so useful for a family. Together you can fix the budget for different matters like monthly grocery or electricity bills. This helps you to save more for the future.

Every working professional knows the importance of savings. This is possible when you plan your home budget and implement it rightly. You can implement it right when you have comprehensive visibility of your inflow and outflow of money. Here lies the importance of Expense Khata.