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Hodusoft Announce Instagram Service Platform Integration for Ecommerce Industries

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Hodusoft, a unit of Ecosmob, global VoIP tech developers, announced integration of Instagram service platform into their contact center software. In fact, they have given Instagram a central role and the software may be termed Instagram contact center software.

Hodusoft’s omnichannel contact center software already includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. However, in this recent iteration, the focus is on Instagram given its unique features and that it gives weightage to images and videos over simple text posts. Plus, it lets you showcase your expertise and highlight special features through rich visual imagery. You can interact easily too. Ecommerce sector will find these features perfectly in sync with their requirements and with those of their customers. 

Talking about Instagram as a service tool, the company’s VP said, “It is fun, engaging and contributory to a positive experience to use Instagram as service tool. You can post tips, give shortcuts and hacks to drive better engagement as well as satisfaction.” The way the company has integrated Instagram makes it easy for employees within the ecommerce segment to stay connected with each other and with customers through a unified interface. 

This is just one way. Instagram integration in call center software lets you post testimonials in the form of images and videos. These are far more convincing and convert more visitors to buyers than text ever can hope to do. Plus, and that is one of the biggest advantage of Instagram, you target mobile users. Instagram vibes with the younger generation that prefers mobile usage over computers. Instagram has over one billion users and it makes good business sense to use Instagram contact center software to promote and attract as well as to serve existing clients.  Using the story feature becomes easy through the dashboard in the omnichannel contact center software. Your stories can be accessed by select people or by followers or by anyone. 

Instagram offers business account and that account works best when used with Facebook business page. The contact center software lets you prioritize Instagram. However, at the same time, should Facebook interaction be necessary, it is easy to switch or import information from Facebook into Instagram. 

Credibility is key to customer experience. Instagram enhances credibility through employee reposts and behind the scene stories. You can rope in influencers into your Instagram platform with ease and further enhance brand value of your ecommerce operations. 

Instagram integration works wonders at the front end of service. At the same time, Hodusoft’s CRM integration means all such data goes into the database for easy analytics and reporting. You can derive actionable intelligence with Hodusoft’s smart analytics. 

Can Hodusoft integrate Instagram into existing legacy call center solutions? This is one question Hodusoft is often asked. Hodusoft examines the software and, if possible, offers affordable Instagram integration through APIs. Still, said the VP, we recommend ecommerce business owners shift to Hodusoft Platform that allows more than social media interactions and promotions. It becomes a complete collaborative and communication platform. 

Ecommerce operators interested in Instagram integrated contact center software may get in touch with Hodusoft on phone 91 79 48939393 or chat live on 


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