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Hodusoft Announce Inclusion of Predictive Dialer in Call Center Software for Telecom Sector

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Hodusoft, a unit of global VoIP tech leader Ecosmob, announced introduction of predictive dialer in its call center software for telecom sector. The current coronavirus crisis has put the brakes on many industries but the telecom sector faces severe pressure. There are people deployed to disseminate information and keep in touch with hundreds of people spread across various locations. There are marketers who must intensify efforts and employ agents to keep dialing thousands of numbers. This challenge is met by the use of predictive dialer software that Hodusoft has now incorporated into its call center software. 

As matters stand, Hodusoft’s omnichannel call center software already is feature rich, offering voice, chat, SMS, email, video and social media integration. It features intelligent skill based routing and automatic intelligent call distribution. These are useful to handle inbound calls. However, when it comes to outbound calls it is a different matter as agents are tasked with calling thousands of numbers. Manual dialing is out of question and even automatted dialing has its limits since one can get a busy tone or the call may go into an answering machine. Agents in charge of outbound calls will find it frustrating and time wasting. This is where Hodusoft’s predictive dialer proves to be immensely useful in facilitating work and easing the burden on agents. 

The predictive dialer software and its capabilities influence efficiency and productivity of agents. The simplest predictive dialer takes its inputs from a list of telephone numbers and dials out numbers. The idea is that an agent can handle one call while the dialer monitors the ongoing talk and then starts dialing when it senses the current call is nearing completion. When it dials it can detect a wrong number, a busy tone and answering machine. It will transfer call to the agent only when a human picks up the call. The agent then takes over. 

Hodusoft incorporates artificial intelligence that actually monitors the ongoing conversation and picks a number from the list based on what it assumes is priority as regards customer service or lead conversion. 

“Agent productivity increases substantially since no time is spent on dialing and waiting for the party at the other end to pick up the phone. That part is taken care of by the predictive dialer. The agent simply flits from one call to the next. This has another benefit too in that it keeps agents in the right frame of mind and focused on conversation, not on the headaches of wrong numbers, answering machines or busy tones. 

Hodusoft’s predictive dialer software can work as a standalone unit or it can integrate with CRM and existing call center software. The company offers total support and backup as well as fast setup. 

Interested enterprises may get in touch with Hodusoft on 91 8866728362, 1-707-708-4638 or chat live on 


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