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High Demand for Construction calls for Varieties of Cast Iron

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Being one of the leading cast iron industry, Neo Metaliks is drafting a niche for itself in the steel and pig iron manufacturing realm. They develop top-notch quality of cast iron grades in India and are aiming high with rising construction demands in the city as well as in India. As we all can see many real estate builders are developing huge complexes, commercial spaces and this has led to a boost in the cast iron and pig iron demands too. Neo-Metaliks is one of the best suppliers from eastern India who are keeping pace with these demands. The team ensures the use of finest quality iron ore and lower ash coke which is desirable for casting ductile grades.

Apart from Pig iron, off late Cast iron is also in high demand. It is basically received from particular pig-iron that is melted with two resources, namely, coke and limestone. The impure iron is obtained from the iron ore called the pig-iron. Cast iron has engineering properties that can be used in many ways like sanitary fittings, costing molds.

According to Ravi Agarwal, ‘Neo-Metaliks deals with varieties of cast-iron as a building material in the construction sector. Grey cast iron, Mottled cast iron, White cast iron, Chilled cast iron, Toughened cast iron, Ductile and Malleable cast iron. We wish to extend our arena and enter into much more gradation by the end of next year’.

As per Sumit Khetan, ‘The rate in which construction is soaring, we are ready to take in inflow of cast iron as they are one of the important materials for building a residential or commercial complex. Cast iron is flexible and due to its easy properties can be used to manufacture variety of products’.

Cast iron is a must ingredient for sanitary fittings like sewer pipes, manholes, water pipes, etc. When it comes to casting molds to build metal stairs, lamp posts, gates etc all use cast iron. Cast iron is also used to develop many types of agricultural implements. Therefore, we can see cast iron is a solid material and Neo Metaliks has all under its roof to face the rising demands.

Neo Metaliks Limited is the finest cast iron industry in Durgapur. It started the manufacturing journey in 2003 and fast forward to 2019, it has developed and now turned into one of the best suppliers of cast iron in Kolkata.

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