HDTV Supply Unveils Cutting-Edge 4K 30 Hz HDMI Over IP Matrix Systems Tailored for Golf Stores

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Los Angeles, CA: Nov 28, 2023 – HDTV Supply, a leading provider of audio-video solutions, proudly announces the launch of its state-of-the-art 4K 30 Hz HDMI Over IP Matrix Systems. Specifically designed for golf stores, these matrix systems offer unparalleled flexibility and performance to enhance the overall audio-visual experience.

* Unmatched 4K Resolution at 30 Hz: HDTV Supply’s HDMI Over IP Matrix Systems deliver stunning 4K resolution at 30 Hz, ensuring crystal-clear visuals that capture every detail. This high-definition capability provides golf stores with the perfect platform to showcase product videos, highlight golf tournaments, and create an immersive environment for customers.

* Flexible Matrix Configuration: The HDMI Over IP Matrix Systems from HDTV Supply allow golf stores to create versatile and customized audio-visual setups. With the ability to transmit HDMI signals over an IP network, these matrix systems enable seamless distribution of content to multiple displays. This flexibility empowers golf stores to design engaging video walls, dynamic signage, and interactive displays to captivate customers and elevate the shopping experience.

* Effortless Control with App and IR Support: Ease of control is paramount, and HDTV Supply ensures a user-friendly experience. The 4K HDMI Over IP Matrix Systems come with app and IR control options, allowing golf stores to manage and switch sources effortlessly. This streamlined control mechanism ensures that staff can focus on delivering exceptional customer service without the hassle of complicated AV setups.

* Reliability and Scalability: HDTV Supply’s commitment to quality is evident in the
reliability and scalability of its HDMI Over IP Matrix Systems. Designed for seamless integration into existing AV infrastructures, these systems can be easily expanded to accommodate evolving requirements. Golf stores can trust in the durability of HDTV Supply’s solutions to deliver consistent and high-quality performance.For more information about the 4K HDMI Over IP Matrix Systems and other AV solutions from HDTV Supply, please visit https://www.hdtvsupply.com/4k-hdmi-over-ip-matrices-app-ir-control.html

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