Global Amniotic Products Market is poised to grow at a decent rate of 8% to reach $1 billion by 2026

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Amniotic-derived products, including amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid products, are one subtype of orthobiologic that are considered a potential treatment option for augmentation of joint inflammation and healing. An amniotic membrane (AM) or amnion is a thin membrane forming a closed sac around the embryos or fetuses, and mammals and containing the amniotic fluid. The most common types of amniotic membranes used are cryopreserved amniotic membranes and lyophilized amniotic membranes. Today, all amniotic, placental, and umbilical tissue-based products are classified by the FDA as human tissue without living cells.

Growing Adoption of Amniotic Based Products in Wound Healing

Amniotic membranes are made of structural collagen and extracellular matrix, regenerative, and biologically active cells, all of which interact with one another to regulate the healing processes. In the complex cascade of wound healing, a hallmark of a chronic non-healing wound is prolonged inflammation. This disrupts the healing cycle, leading to a decrease in normal proliferation of growth factors as well as an imbalance in protective versus degradative enzymes favoring destruction of the extracellular matrix. Amniotic membrane can help facilitate wound healing by providing the essential growth factors and other healing cascades that adhere to the extracellular matrix to enhance tissue growth and healing.

Growing Potential of Amniotic Membrane Products in Regenerative Medicines Triggers the Market Demand

Regenerative medicine includes the generation and use of therapeutic stem cells, tissue engineering, and the production of artificial organs. The amniotic membrane (Amnio-M) finds multiple applications in regenerative medicine. It acts as a highly biocompatible natural scaffold and as a source of several types of stem cells and potent growth factors. The Amnio-M possess unique characteristics that render them useful in diverse applications such as the tracheal reconstruction of the fetus, restoration of the diaphragm muscles, bone grafts, heart valve leaflets, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis (OA), spinal cord regeneration, ophthalmologic disorders, and skin repair, among others.

Regional Snapshot: North America Leads in terms of Adoption of Amniotic Products Market

From a regional perspective, North America holds the largest share of the amniotic products market followed by Europe. Growing research activities, adoption of amniotic membranes for major applications, increasing awareness on amniotic transplants, and the presence of key market players in this regions are some of the key factors driving the amniotic products market growth.

Competitive Landscape Analysis: Global Amniotic Products Market

Some of the major industry players operating in the global amniotic products market are MiMedx, Smith & Nephew, Organogenesis Inc., Integra Lifesciences, and Applied Biologics, among others.

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