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Get Your Wisdom Tooth Removed by the Expert Oral Surgeon at Rolle Oral And Facial Surgery

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Dr. Richard Rolle, JR.
9615 Caldwell Commons Circle Suite B
North Carolina 28031 

Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery
Address: 9615 Caldwell Commons Circle Suite B
City: Cornelius
State: North Carolina
Postcode: 28031
Country: USA
Telephone: 704-892-9500

Dec, 24th, 2021, Cornelius: Searching for “wisdom teeth removal near me”? You would be amazed to know that there is a renowned oral and facial surgery facility right near you in Cornelius. Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery provides you the best oral surgery, surgery aftermath followed by routine checkups for your wisdom teeth removal. The upper wisdom teeth removal process is something that can get scary. Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., with vast experience, handles all your grievances and helps you get a seamless surgery. So why suffer in silence from those impacted wisdom teeth? Visit Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery today and give yourself some deserved relief.

We got to talk to Ms. Vivian, the nurse serving the patients with Dr. Rolle. When asked about the patients who come to get their wisdom teeth removed, she said, “Those patients are by far the most anxious ones I’ve ever seen in my career. I always explain to them the procedure for wisdom teeth removal in detail. It is my duty to answer every question they ask. They have the right to know how they will be operated and we are all here to support them. Dr. Richard Rolle Jr., the oral surgeon makes the surgery efficient and easy for the patients. He also focuses on ensuring that there is minimal swelling after removing the impacted wisdom tooth. Patients love to get treated by him.”

Why Choose Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

At Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery, Dr. Richard Rolle JR. makes sure that you get:
● A detailed consultation before the surgery takes place.
● A comfortable and safe surgery procedure.
● Extra care if you are a child or queasy.
● Speedy diagnosis and immediate consultation for remedies.
● Different other treatments related to oral care.
● Affordable rates and a world class treatment facility.
● Best staff who helps you with every problem you have.
● Complete compliance with COVID19 rules and regulations.
● Other treatments like sleep apnea, Botox, and dermal fillers.

So, do not suffer from the pain and discomfort of an impacted wisdom tooth anymore. Go through the complete procedure that Dr. Richard Rolle Jr. provides you at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery and get your impacted wisdom teeth removed.

About the company:-
Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery is among the most renowned clinics in Cornelius, and serves patients from areas like Charlotte, Davidson and many other places in North Carolina. They provide you with a wide range of treatments like wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, dental bone grafting, TMJ and corrective Jaw surgery, facial trauma surgery, Botox, dermal fillers, sleep apnea and several others. To know more about them visit or call 704-892-9500 to book an appointment with Dr Rolle and experience excellence!


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