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People drowning in debt or struggling to manage their finances must get in touch with Blue Star Consultants. Registered with the NCR or National Credit Regulator, it has emerged as an expert in decreasing fees and interest rates while negotiating the lowest monthly instalment.

Blue Star Consultants has gained a strong footing throughout South Africa. The talented team of professionals here can assist clients in the language of their choice. They are constantly working to enhance their capabilities and services, thus, ensuring the best possible experiences.

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Reasons to Choose Blue Star Consultants

Blue Star Consultants maintain an impeccable relationship with a vast clientele besides delivering customizable outcomes within a stipulated period. This helped them become one of the best debt review & management organisations in South Africa. They keep a client informed about each step and are passionate about helping him/her attain financial wellness.

Blue Star has managed to meet a wide range of long-term objectives by consolidating multiple monetary obligations into one. They are always trying to implement revolutionary technologies and cutting-edge strategies to ensure the clients lead a life free of debts.

Mentioned below are a few more reasons to opt for Blue Star and not any other provider.

• They reduce monthly repayments by approximately 60%.
• They protect individuals along with their valuable assets from blacklisting, summons, repossession, and judgments.
• They teach individuals how to take control of their finances by paying a reduced, single monthly instalment.
• They prevent the creditors from harassing via threatening letters and telephone calls.
• They help individuals save a substantial amount of money, which can be used for necessary living expenses.

A Brief Note on Blue Star Consultants

Blue Star Consultants empower and educate South Africans so that they can build a bright financial future. The company is quite serious about fighting for a client’s rights and being his/her voice when he/she is not being heard.

It cautiously evaluates the client’s current monetary situation and then develops a debt repayment plan accordingly. With Blue Star, one can expect restored peace of mind and dignity. They can concentrate on things that matter to them.

Blue Star specialises in helping modern-day consumers handle their financial affairs seamlessly and lead the best version of their lives. The experts are keen on helping only distressed and over-indebted consumers by providing value-added lifestyle reward campaigns and reasonably priced insurance solutions.

Services Offered

• Debt Counseling- Blue Star Consultants restructure and organise all types of debts.
• Settlements- Blue Star negotiates a reduced settlement amount on the credit agreements.
• Debt Review Removal- Blue Star assists people under debt review but wishes to quit the programme.
• Funeral Cover- Blue Star Consultants is known for providing a comprehensive and highly affordable funeral cover for families.
• Credit Life Insurance- With Blue Star’s credit life insurance, one can protect all their credit card accounts.
• Cuts on Business Tax- Blue Star Consultants can massively reduce the business tax entrepreneurs owe to SARS.


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