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Under the leadership of Padmashree and BC Roy awardee, DR. Atul Kumar, AKIO has evolved into the best private eye hospital in Delhi. With time, the popularity of this hospital has been spreading in all parts of the country and even abroad. Patients from the Middle East, Nepal, Bangladesh, and South Africa are also visiting AKIO with various complicated eye issues. AKIO is the first eye institute or hospital to offer 3-D micro-incision vitreoretinal surgery. Besides, in many other treatments, AKIO is the best in the country.

Never neglect your eyes. Your eyesight is the most important sense. According to the experts, 80% of what we perceive in an environment comes through the visual sense. Even the slightest problem in the eye can significantly restrict your lifestyle. By protecting your eyes through scientific eye care procedures and timely treatments, you can prevent multiple vision-related issues like cataracts and glaucoma. You can plan a regular visit to eye doctors as a “preventive measure”. At the same time, you can visit AKIO whenever you feel any disturbance in the eyes. AKIO offers both preventive treatments and case-wise treatments. Routine eye care helps to find any changes in vision and proper diagnosis of the underlying medical condition. Doctors at AKIO will also advise you on how to take care of your eyes at home.

This best private eye hospital in Delhi offers treatments for vitreoretinal diseases, corneal diseases, dry eye and ocular surface, cataracts, glaucoma, Uvea and ocular inflammation, and hundreds of other eye-related problems. AKIO also has comprehensive ophthalmology that deals with the routine examination of eyes, orbit and oculoplasty that deals with the structures of the eyelids, lacrimal glands, and the bones within the eye structure. AKIO has a modern neuro-ophthalmology department that mainly deals with the highly sophisticated optic nerves connected to the central nervous system.

AKIO treats thousands of patients every month. The team of doctors, nurses, and support staff are determined to provide the best treatments and best experience to any patient visiting the hospital. You can contact them online or over the telephone. You can also book an appointment with a doctor including Dr. Atul Kumar online. They also provide teleconsultation through “teleophthalmology”. As a whole, if you have any vision-related issue, AKIO has the solution.