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Mobius International UK Ltd ( is one of the best covert surveillance companies that offer security protection services to the government, private sectors and private individuals. Some of their services include close protection, protective surveillance, and building security. This company has been providing security protection for more than thirty years.

One of the best services Mobius International UK offers is close protection. Their teams are composed of former specialist government protection units, such as the Royalty and Ministerial Police Protection Units. They will provide close protection in a manner like a bodyguard system, and they can also facilitate secured transport services through their armoured vehicles. This service is excellent for clients who need to attend business meetings in new places and unsecured areas. Aside from that, this service can also be offered to their family members.

Another service they provide is protective surveillance. Mobius International UK can provide this service to clients looking for real-time reporting of the principal’s movements and situation. Their teams are also composed of highly trained and skilled individuals. This type of service is excellent for people who want discreet security protection or want to protect someone else without them knowing. Their team will carefully disguise themselves to avoid crowd attention during the operation.

Lastly, they also provide building security. These residential, estate and office security management services create a complete threat assessment of the location and the neighbourhood areas. Mobius International UK also provides security and safety recommendations based on world-leading innovative technological advancements and methodology, such as Thermal Sensors, Panic Alarms, and Infrared (IR) Radiation Sensors, which are strategically placed in a discreet location. These technologies are installed with the combination of a 24/7 manned guarding solution.

Mobius International UK offers these services not only in the UK but across the globe. They have clients in sixty countries across six continents. This is through their effort to provide the best quality of security to their clients. According to their website, “We are founded on distinctive capabilities, proven expertise and strong relationships. We pride ourselves on our people and their dependability to work to a benchmark of the highest possible professional and ethical standards”.

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About Mobius International UK Ltd

Mobius International UK Ltd is an internationally renowned risk management company that offers threat mitigation solutions to corporate and private clients. Its mandate is to help its clients counter and mitigate threats or risks in their lives or properties. Their team is composed of highly skilled and operation experts capable of providing all-around protection for twenty-four hours. For inquiries, you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you can send them an email to or talk to one of their representatives by calling +44 (0) 207 060 5595.

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