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Is even the sky not the limit for you? It needn’t be if the latest toy on your to-buy list is an airplane. Fly high without fear with aircraft insurance tips from a new report by BWI.

With its updated airplane insurance guide, this guide describes the key factors to consider while buying a policy. According to them selecting the right policy is as important as selecting the right aircraft.

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BWI understands how big a decision it is to purchase a plane. The usual research is done either in person or online and consists of specs, interactions in forums, and the various experiences that can be made possible. The updated guide with airplane insurance tips focuses on the main requirement of the safety of you and your passengers and the protection of the airplane.

You can choose to have your plane self-insured or opt for a full and separate policy purchased from a provider. The latter has the advantage of covering the additional liability of flying a plane and it also covers hull protection, which can offset your expensive repair costs in the event of damage.

According to BWI, airplane insurance is a specialized product with varying coverages and conditions. You are advised to get an early start to the insurance buying process. With sufficient time and a knowledgeable broker, you have the chance to better understand the pros and cons of various insurance products and select the best one. Understanding the process and policies can also influence the kind of airplane you purchase.

Another key aspect covered in the guide is the role of the broker. A broker specialized in aviation insurance will be able to get you the required coverage at competitive rates. Some factors involved in coverage selection include your skill and experience as a pilot and the make and model of the airplane you want to purchase.

Coverage must also include all passengers, property damage, bodily injuries, and legal services. Most brokers require a signed application and a down-payment at the commencement of your airplane insurance policy.

BWI offers their services nationwide. The family-owned company is open 12 hours a day and every employee is carefully selected and well trained. They provide a free no-obligation quote and will give you a dedicated aviation insurance professional.

Fly safe and happy with essential tips, at or you can call them at 800.296.8595.

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