German Grocery Store Nah & Frisch Installs NoviSign to boost in-store sales and advertising

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Hamburg 25478 

Hamburg, Germany – Nah & Frisch (N&H) implements grocery store digital signage to revitalize the way they market in-store to their customers. Before digital signage, N&H personnel had to update, print manually and replace paper price labels and shelf signage. Because the manual process of updating the printed signage was time-consuming, N&H looked for a more effective way to manage printed promotional and pricing signage.

The Solution
After research, N&H found NoviSign’s cloud-based digital signage software. Using NoviSign’s CMS, N&H could now digitally create their ads and pricing promotions and send them remotely to all screens.

N&H installed (15) 23″ Retail pricing display and promotion screens. On the retail shelf, displays live and accurate product prices with descriptions were digitally displayed with a combination of video ads playing in the background for added visual appeal.

500 NIT ultra-bright, double-sided displays were hung from the ceiling to highlight weekly fruit and vegetable sales and promotions to drive traffic and sales for the produce department.

The Results
After implementing shelf display screens, N&H saw time savings, efficiency and accuracy. Because retail shelf screens change in real-time, personnel no longer need to update, reprint and install labels. N&H management can launch daily flash deals. This new level of grocery store marketing helps N&H promote more targeted product sales.

The new screens improved N&H’s customer engagement from the shoppers’ perspective. This engagement improves shoppers’ in-store experience. In addition, N&H can offer accurate items and information like components, nutritional value, price per unit conversion and expiration date by embracing digital.

About NoviSign
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