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Full Monty’s Steve Huison joins cast of the UK historical epic Brigantia.

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Steve Huison famous for his role ‘Lomper’ in the massive UK film The FULL MONTY (1997) and the UK TV series CORONATION STREET joins the cast as Ferriby-Boatman CAPTAIN KYNAN for the historical film Brigantia, tentatively scheduled to start in in the UK, Leeds, Exmoor, and historical places such as Gilmerton Druid Caverns in Scotland, and Looe , Cornwall UK. This incredible film that takes place during the time of Christ in ancient England and is based on ‘True’ and unknown history and the legends which reveals it. This film is a milestone since there has never been a film like this about England’s history and its origins.

The film also stars acclaimed Scottish film and television actor James Robinson, famous for being ‘Young William Wallace’ in the epic film Braveheart -1995 with other credits including Outlander, Babylon, The Borgias ; Andy Beckwith infamously known as the recurring villain ‘Rorge’ in HBO’s award-winning series Game of Thrones. James Phelps ’Fred Weasley’ of the Harry Potter film series, and the iconic British actor, Robert Powell internationally known for his title role as ‘Jesus’ in the epic 1977 mini-series Jesus of Nazareth. Among other films include Tommy (1975), The Thirty Nine Steps (1978), and ‘The Italian Job’ – 1969.

In the dark moors of England during the late Iron Age, among the trees and waters where many secrets were of a world long ago. A land of the mystical, the Druids, the spiritual, and a people who were of the earth and of the universe. The land was called ‘Brigantia’ we know as ‘England’. This is where a young man called Airell of the Brigantes is on the spiritual journey to be a Druid Ministre like his grandfather. Being in the time of Christ it is during a tumultuous world of change and religious upheaval. But Airell’s journey of discovery does lead him to his true spiritual destiny.

This exciting and controversial feature-drama is solidly based on TRUE history revealed with many months of research, and we feel it is a spiritually inspiring film and one of the most encompassing film of Great Britain’s history, which has been so neglected by the film industry, nothing like this film has ever been done before.

Brigantia is the only feature film that explores the amazing history of England before the Romans. Its incredible advanced civilization and legends are brought to life in an epic tale of a people in their struggle and sacrifice that affected the world forever.

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