Frisco Dental Practice For Emergency Care Offers Implants For Accident Victims

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If you are in pain or have sustained a dental injury in an accident, it’s important to seek dental care as soon as possible to preserve your teeth and maintain your oral health. Millennium Smiles can meet all of your emergency dental care needs. The practice treats all kinds of urgent dental problems, whether you cracked a tooth, or had a tooth knocked out as a result of a car accident, the team can help relieve your pain.

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Millennium Smiles can repair damaged teeth as well as replace missing or broken teeth. The practice focuses on saving your natural teeth and preserving your oral health in the aftermath of a traumatic dental incident. While dental injuries are usually overlooked in the face of life-threatening and urgent auto crash injuries, Millennium Smiles believes a timely response can improve outcomes. As such, the practice provides flexible scheduling options that allow you to see a dentist as soon as possible. The team can replace your missing teeth with dental implants or restore a broken tooth with restorative dental treatments like crowns or veneers.

Depending on the severity of the damage, both treatments can be used to restore your smile and preserve oral health. Millennium Smiles also handles other emergency cases besides those that result from an accident. The dentists recommend that individuals with a gum infection, tooth decay, or sudden and severe toothache contact them for a comprehensive diagnosis and emergency treatment.

In addition to emergency dentistry, the practice offers a suite of other dental solutions that are suitable for your entire family, from preventative and general dentistry to cosmetic, periodontal, and orthodontic treatments. They also provide pediatric dentistry, plus TMJ therapy, ozone therapy, and sleep apnea solutions. A spokesperson for the practice said, “If you have injured a tooth in an accident and need care, then Millennium Smiles is the place for you. We have the technology to repair and replace missing or broken teeth in a timely manner. Our office is in a convenient location for all patients to take advantage of our premium dental care.” Don’t ignore the signs and wait until the last minute, if you’re involved in an auto crash, get an emergency dentist to give you a clean bill of health before you assume all is well with your teeth and gums.

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